If you are looking for the right video for working out your quads, then you have come to the right place! Jordyn Trenholm teaches you the best quad workout and how to do it, step by step.

Up and coming fitness influencer takes you through her best quad workout to help you grow those leg quads.

When it comes to leg pressing it’s pretty self-explanatory you just want to make sure that your legs stay parallel. You have to make sure that your knees are not going inward buckling inward when you’re doing it because that’s going to cause damage. Keep your legs straight and do it right. Because the quad muscles are so important it’s also important that you nail down the motions of the exercises before actually doing them with weights. With that being said I’ll be showing you the motions followed by the exercise.

Best Quad Workout

Best Quad Workout Routine

10×4 Leg Press

10×4 Barbell Box Squats

10×4 Goblet Squats

10×4 Smith Machine Squats

Lunges 10×4 Each Leg

30 seconds 4x Wall Sits

10xEach Leg TRX Pistil Squats

10×4 Each leg Split Squats

To Watch A Tutorial on these workouts, Click on the link

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