Look What I Found Out By Using Google Street View! Great Way To Test Any Supplement Company For Quality Control

Let me warn you…this article is a little strange to say the least, but it is important that I talk about this because it has to do with dietary supplements, quality testing, and the FDA.  You see the FDA essentially in a round about way shut down my customization business.  You know that great idea I invented back in 98′ when you could call us up and we could make ANY formula you wanted!  Yea it was pretty awesome.  Well, you see the FDA has been to my place of business numerous times, that address,  644 Cross Street in Lakewood NJ.  Here’s a picture.


Using Google Street view you can see a picture of where we are located.  We are smack dab in the middle of this warehouse complex.  Nothing special, right?  Typical business park where other business are located as well.  No retail business’ as you can see.

Now follow me on this one.  The previous article, I was writing about how to make your protein work better.  And one of those things was to use a product called Bio Core Edge.  So then I wanted to show an example of what to look for so that you wouldn’t get ripped off by supplement companies saying they used Bio Core edge but just dusted it in or doing whatever by NOT putting it in the supplement facts panel. I showed an example of Allmax Nutrition’s Casein FX because they indeed do not put the amount of Bio Core they use, they just put it on the label for show, instead of giving the consumer any clue of exactly how much they use.  I was actually going to call them and ask but I couldn’t find their phone number and  I had trouble finding even their address.  I looked for the label on line, but when I finally found it on GNC’s website, I noticed on their label that they didn’t have an address.  Now this is in violation of the FDA 111’s regulations for dietary supplements.  Maybe it was a mistake I thought, because this is really strange….So I looked on Amazon and found some Allmax creatine.  And I found the address.

ALLMAX NUTRITION INC. Toronto, Canada Distributed Exclusively by: HBS INTERNATIONAL CORP. 711 S. Carson St., Suite 4, Carson City, NV 89701.

Click here to see what I googled and you’ll see the address.

So I then Google Mapped the address and found this..you can click here if you wish


Allmax Nutrition & HBS International corp headquarters seems to be located in a small shopping center in Carson City Nevada.

Here’s another view zoomed out.



Zooming in I see 3 stores.  A realtor, a lawyer, and a coffee shop.  That’s three and HBS internation is suite 4.  Where is suite 4?

This leaves some questions in my mind.

1) Where the fuck is AllMax Nutrition & HBS?  Are they in between the coffee shop and the realtor?  Basement perhaps?

2) Who is HBS international corp because their address is on the label and that means they are responsible for the 111’s.  Which means they are responsible for the testing.  Testing like purity, composition, strength, and identity.  Essentially this HBS international is in charge of All Max quality control because their name is on the label.  That is a fact, not an opinion.  It is in the FDA regulations.

3) Or if Allmax is not in this tiny shopping center… looks like they could be in Toronto Canada.  Which I would guess and say that the products are being made in Canada?  If they are then they don’t have to follow the FDA 111’s for dietary supplements and that’s a problem!  But if they are not made in Canada and made in the US, then this HBS insternational corp is indeed responsible for the 111’s.

It is a clusterfuck!

What does this mean to you and why should you give a rats ass?

Because when buying supplements you need to make sure that the company whom you are buying them from is doing the testing to ensure the FDA regulations for dietary supplement 111’s are being followed so you get what is on the label is inside the bottle.  Now matter how you slice and dice this HBS international thing, those guys put their address on the label and that means they are responsible for the quality testing.  And by looking at their location here in a small shopping mall located in some freaking small as town of Carson City Nevada.  Well something smells to me.

[clickToTweet tweet=”Before you buy a supplement do a google street search on the addy, you’ll see if its legitimate.” quote=”Before you buy a dietary supplement look at the address on the bottle. Do a google street view search like I did and make sure it looks like a legitimate business. “]Before you buy a dietary supplement look at the address on the bottle.  Do a google street view search like I did and make sure it looks like a legitimate business.  This way you can kinda be sure they have the capability to do some quality control testing.