This article will give you everything you wanted to know about the growth hormone releasing peptide Ipamorelin.  Ipamorelin can be used to help the body naturally release more growth hormone.  Many people that use this do so to help achieve a more youthful appearance, recover from injury faster, and reduce body fat.  Its use by athletes is very high because it is relatively safe to use.   Ipamorelin is not an anabolic steroid and I believe the side effects of Ipamorelin and not even close to those like anabolic steroids.

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What is Ipamorelin

In a nutshell, it is a drug.  It is not a dietary supplement.   Many companies selling it call it a research peptide, but regardless it is a drug.  It was developed by the pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk, which is a Danish company.  Then a company called Helsinn Therapeutics tried to use Ipamorelin to help people with gastrointestinal problems.  However, research tests on humans were disappointing and the drug was discontinued.

Here is the conclusion of the study essentially putting the “kill” on future production of it.  As you can see below there was no difference between Ipamorelin use and the placebo.  Keep in mind this is for gastrointestinal improvement, not growth hormone increasing in the body.


Ipamorelin is a very potent growth hormone releaser.  It has a very minimal affect cortisol levels in the body.  Cortisol is a catabolic hormone which helps the body INCREASE fat and decreases muscle mass.  Ipamorelin is considered the best growth hormone releasing peptide.

Referenced From Wells Pharmacy Network…

  • Pentapeptide
  • Mimics GHRP2/6 by acting on GHRP-like receptors (most selective GHS)
  • Mechanism of Action
    • Growth Hormone Releasing Inducer (Ghrelin receptor agonist w/high specificity)
    • Suppresses somatostatin/increases somatotropes
    • Increases GH release per somatotrope
  • Does not have hunger-stimulating properties, does not accentuate release of ghrelin

There are a handful of studies that conclude that it increased growth hormone in the body.


Ipamorelin Dosage

200 to 300 mcg daily in the morning or the evening.  Remember this is a drug, so you ALWAYS start with a lower dose.  I would recommend starting with even 100 mcg (micrograms).  You can start at 100 mcg and work up for there.

Keep in mind the studies done on the dose of Ipamorelin and far and few in between.  So you do not have a lot of info to go on besides the so-called drug experts and bro info on the internet.  But again, that is all speculation and I do not recommend taking any advice from these sources.

It should be used in a cycle of about 60 to 90 days.    Most likely if your cycle is shorter than that you will not see any effects.  Technically you want to have a doctor check your IGF-1 levels.  After a cycle of 8 weeks, you want to stay off of it for about 1 month.  Then you can start another cycle.  The reason you do this is to avoid receptor sensitization.

For weight loss, you can use a lower dose.

Ipamorelin can be stacked with other growth hormone releasing peptides such as Ibutamoren

Ipamorelin Effects

The use of an Ipamorelin cycle will result in the following in most users.

  • weight loss
  • improved appearance of skin and nails
  • better recovery from training and workouts
  • increased growth hormone levels
  • muscle growth
  • more energy

200 to 300 mcg in the morning or the evening.  You can start at 100 mcg and work up for there.  Of course, you want to use the lowest amount possible and work up from there.

Ipamorelin Use By Athletes

Ipamorelin is on the banned substances list by Major Leauge Baseball.  A few years ago a pitcher from the Atlanta Braves was banned for testing positive for Ipamorelin.

In 2018 a professional basketball player on the NBA Wizards also tested positive for Ipamorelin.  The player was suspended 25 games by the NBA because it is a banned substance.  The player that was banned claimed he never used drugs before.

Where to Buy Ipamorelin

Ipamorelin and easily be found on the internet.  However, the problem with buying it from the internet is that this is a grey market.  Meaning that anyone selling the product in the United States is doing so under the radar of the FDA.  Many of these companies will market that they are selling “research peptides” and advertise that they are “not for human consumption or use”, with the thought that this will make them “immune” to enforcement.  But this is not true.  The FDA has made it clear that they will not tolerate drugs being openly sold on the market.

Companies selling research peptides simply order them from China, have them imported into the United States under the radar of US Customs, then package them up for sale to you.

So where does that leave you?

If you wish to purchase Ipamorelin, you have to find a trusted supplier.  I would say MOST of the sellers of research peptides are simply making them in their homes or places of residence.  If you think they are being made in some sort of factory or pharmaceutical building your sorely mistaken.  This applies to research peptides being sold in the United States.  Overseas is a completely different story.  Most countries do not have the strict regulations that the United States has.    I would suggest buying from Paradigm Peptides