Free 2 lbs of Protein Powder For An Amazon Product Review?

I sell some of my products on and just yesterday I was on the site looking at some of my products wondering how I could increase my sales.  So  I headed over to my 2 lbs micellar casein and saw this review…..


As you can see, it is someone reviewing my micellar casein.  This person gave it a 3-star review because he said it was clumpy, and even when mixed with a metal wire ball he still wrote that it was clumpy.   Right away, I thought to myself WTF…no way is my micellar casein protein powder clumpy.  I know this product very well and without a doubt, it does not clump..well at least the last time a checked it.  But doubts crossed my mind…Maybe this was a bad batch of protein?  I went ahead and got myself some of my micellar casein protein powder and mixed it with water and  I videotaped it.

As you can see there are ZERO clumps.  Just as I though…no way does my micellar casein protein powder clump.  As a matter of fact it is smooth as silk when mixed with water.

Now the second thing about this so-called, “review” is that he mentioned another brand.  Not only did he mention the other brand buy he put it in ALL CAPS.  Immediately you have to call this review suspect.

This is a common tactic that competitors use on Amazon to promote their brand while bashing someone else’s.  What else would you expect out of a sleazy ball supplement company?

The review system that Amazon has sucks and sucks big time. It is used by companies to help them sell products.  Amazon has tried to stop it but their attempt is pretty much worthless and really just a show.

Here’s an article stating Amazon reviews are worse than ever.

Now the reason I’m writing this article is because I need your help with writing reviews.


Legally I cannot give you product for writing me a review, this is illegal and Amazon can sue me believe it or not.  This is against Amazon’s policy.  And I wouldn’t put it past my competitors to alert Amazon if I did give free product away for a review.  I could get sued if I told you if you write a review of 100 words or more that I would ship you 2 lbs of casein or whey for free after you told me that you wrote a review and where you wrote it.  I would not be able to tell you that you must be a verified buyer to write the review.   It is illegal if I told you that after you write the review, email me at [email protected] and then I shipped you your free protein powder.  This is illegal and I would never ask or do that.


But wouldnt it be great if all you had to do was purchase my products or have purchased my products on before and then email me that you wrote a 100 word review and got 2 lbs of protein for free.  Yea that would be great wouldnt it.  But I cannot do that!!

thank you.