From the Research & Development Desk: New Anabolic Oil

I’d like to update you on something I have been working on for about one year now. It is a new dietary fat that is anabolic or anti-catabolic. Here are some highlights about it.

Number 1
It does not currently exist. One of the problems with the sports nutrition industry is 99.9% of the products that come out as “new” are not. They are just old ingredients with new labels. Or it is some supplement company trying to fool you like they created something new and cutting edge. Meanwhile, it is some formula they copied from another supplement company or a resurrected supplement from the 80s or 90s, like MCT oil.

My new anabolic oil might be released very soon.

This product that I have been working on DOES NOT EXIST. If I start selling it, you cannot get it anywhere else. It is BRAND NEW!!! It is a new invention.

It is a dietary fat. If you have been a reader of mine, you know I love dietary fats. They are muscle-sparing, anabolic, and provide energy. Consume good fat, and you are going to be anabolic. Well, this is a NEW FAT! And I have studies to back up its use for anabolic benefits.

And this is a little hint and how it works…This product goes right to the muscle creating an instant positive nitrogen state!

I have no date on the release, but I am currently working on it.

Bio Serum Update
So close, so close, it could be next week or the week after. I’ll offer it in 1 lb, 2 lbs, and 5 lbs.