Gaining Muscle With Carbs

Oatmuscle is the most effective weight gain powder you can use.  I have to admit it that I am a little biased when it comes to my supplements.  I think they are the best of course.  And I like to base my statement on facts not opinion.  Sure I could be like every other stupid supplement company and say,  “YEA, are you ready for the best freakin pump of your life!!”.  Instead I show you my 3rd party lab analysis to prove to you that what is on the label is actually tested to be in the powder.  So now I want to say, “I have the Best Weight Gain Powder in the supplement industry!”.  Oatmuscle if you have never tried it and used it in your supplement regime then you are missing out on something really special.  Oatmuscle is a high quality oatmeal powder.  It is not oat flour.  Oat flour is what other supplement companies use to try to copy me.  Oatmuscle is a custom, designer powder that we special make that you will NOT find anywhere else.  Alot of companies have tried to copy the but they cant.  I keep this formula under tight security.  Only myself and another person know how to make it.  So let me cut to the chase and tell you why I think Oatmuscle is an awesome weight gain powder.

First you need calories to gain muscle.  Make no mistake about it if you dont eat alot you’re not going to build muscle.  Do not be one of those people that think take a supplement called , “Gain-adrol 5000″ is going to turn you into a steroid looking like monster.  It wont.  YOU NEED CALORIES!  And if you’re under 30 years old you need massive amounts of calories.  If you’re a female, YES, you need calories.  What kind of calories, CARBOHYDRATES!  So many people are so terrified of getting extra calories from carbs.  But this is probably the reason why you are not gaining muscle if you are lacking the carb intake.  Well now is the chance to make some gains buy getting a good carb powder like our Oatmuscle!

  • Oatmuscle spares amino acids from being used as energy.  Amino acids are used to build muscle
  • Oatmuscle helps BCAA’s build muscle
  • Oatmuscle give you energy

How to use Oatmuscle as a weight gain powder.

  1. Use a 1 to 1 ration MINIMUM.  Better yet to 2 to 1 ration of carbs to protein
  2. Use pre and post workout
  3. Make yourself a SUPER creatine, BCAA supplement.  If you have a bcaa supplement and/or creatine supplement simply add 1/3 cup of Oatmuscle

Why is Oatmuscle better than all other weight gain powders?

  1. Most weight gain powders are made with maltodextrin and dextrose.  These make you fat!  Oatmuscle does not
  2. Most weight gain powders give you gas and bloating from cheap fillers like fructose and the lactose from the whey protein and milk proteins.

Need any other reasons to buy Oatmuscle and make it your choice weight gain powder?  Nope!  Oh and did I tell you Oatmuscle tastes freakin awesome.  Mix it with a vanilla protein powder or chocolate and it’ll taste like an oatmeal cookie!  You can buy Oatmuscle here!