Here’s Another Quick Trick To Test the Quality of a Supplement Company

I feel around 90% of the supplement companies out there are not registred with the FDA, conduct no quality control tests, and quite frankly have no clue how to manufacturer dietary supplements.  Most of these companies simply call up a contract packer, tell them what they want, and the contract packer make it for them.  The supplement company conducts not quality testing, WHICH IS REQUIRED BY LAW, and begins to sell the product.

Well here is a quick trick you can use to spot one of these companies.  Check their supplement for an expiration date.  You see according to FDA law you have to put either a expiration date on your supplement or a manufacturing date.  Most bogus supplement companies will put expiration date because they are guessing and think thats right.  Well according to FDA regulations you have to conduct an actual test to PROVE and VALIDATE that expiration date.  These companies wont have that test.  So here is what you do.

1) Find the expiration date

2) call them up and ask them for their testing that they did that validates this.  I would be shocked if any found a company doing this.

Simple as that.