How To Make Money On Instagram If You’re In the “Fitness Niche”

How To Make Money On Instagram

I have to finally admit it, I FAILED!  Big time.  Let me explain.  I tried to promote my business, on Instagram and it is a giant flop.  I tried everything and anything to get my account to grow and make money from Instagram, but I have failed miserably.  I have been trying for at least 4 years now and I am throwing in the towel.  You see I have finally come to the realization that Instagram is about images.  Good images to be exact.  And if you do not have good images than you ain’t going to be successful, bottom line.  With my company, I write articles, that is what people like.  My customers like when I talk about proteins and new products and how to use them.  This is very difficult to get across with just an image on Instagram.  If you’re going to grow a supplement company on Instagram you simply send some products to Instagram “influencers”, and cross your fingers.  This is not my style, nor my business model.  And that is why I could never get my Instagram account to grow and prosper.  Thus I’m giving up.  But In giving up, comes something that I want to share with you if you did have the idea of making in the fitness industry with your Instagram account.  When I was working on my Instagram account I came up with a business plan.  In fact, I came up with an awesome marketing plan for Instagram and I connected it to the fitness industry.  I believe that this Instagram marketing plan is genius and anyone that can follow it will revolutionize the way they market themselves on Instagram.  You may be asking WHY I am giving away my marketing secrets and this so-called plan that I deemed GENIOUS!  The answer is I cannot find ONE single person that can do it.  Meaning I have not found one single “fitness” person on Instagram that is willing to put in the work to make my “plan” work.  All I have come across in the last few years are people that are what I call, “Instagram Prostitutes”.  Harsh, but hey, you know me, direct and to the point!

That being said here is my Instagram marketing plan, which I call, “How To Make Money On Instagram”.  If you are interested in working with and helping our Instagram account hit me up 732-901-9600 (text message only).  Don’t contact me if you’re an Instagram prostitute.  Only contact me if you’re willing to WORK!!

How To Make Money On Instagram If You Are In the Fitness Niche.

Traffic is the key to making money.  Without traffic no money is to be made, it is that simple.  Your ability to obtain this traffic is the key to making money on the internet and quite frankly it is EVERYONE’s way of making money.  The more traffic you can harness, the more money you will make. Instagram makes it possible to obtain traffic. Not only that but an immense amount of traffic.  Traffic is obtained through content. Content is easy to produce because of one simple thing, your phone. Cell phones have revolutionized the internet and have turned Instagram into one of the number one social media sites, if not THE number one social media site.  Instagram gets over 1,00,000 users per day, so the traffic potential is immense and the opportunities to make money are endless.

First Important Concept

I want to drive home one thing right here and right now and don’t forget this as it is THE most important concept….


If you think about what the internet is all about…it is all pieces of content.   Whether it is an article, video, picture, infographic, or anything else, the internet is made up of pieces of content.  Instagram is 99% picture content. Pictures are powerful pieces of content. I’m sure you have heard of the expression, “a picture is worth a thousand words”….well I”d like to modify that a little a say a picture is worth a thousand dollars…maybe more.

In order to have a successful website, and by successful I mean one that gets a decent amount of traffic, you need content.  For example, is a news website that produces articles for their content. The better the article, the more traffic they will get, the more visitors they will get, and those visitors equals more money.  The money is obtained from advertisers. Advertisers is how you make your money on the internet.

Second Important Concept

Money is made from advertising

All major successful websites make the bulk of their revenue through advertising.  Take is this staggering statistic.

In the first quarter of 2015 Google took in $17.3 billion in revenue, up 12% year over year. Nearly all of it — $15.5 billion — came from advertising sales. About $12 million of that came on the company’s own sites with the rest being derived from its network

Check out what Facebook makes from advertising..

with more than $1 billion per quarter in advertising revenue and 1.2 billion monthly active users, few realize that Facebook is more than just a social networking site – it’s a shrewdly run corporation, worth more than $100 billion.

Without a doubt you will be making your money via advertising.  The amount of money you make is determined by a simply formula.

More content + More traffic + more advertising = more money

As your traffic increases you will make more money, it is very simple.

So there you have it, a simple concept to turn your Instagram into a money making machine for you.  

Thus now let me give you a step by step process on how to do all of this.  

The third important concept.  

You’re NOT an internet marketing expert!

Just because you are a model, an actor, professional surfer, does not make you an internet marketing expert.  Just because Tom Brady can throw touchdowns does not make him an expert on how to monetize his Instagram account.  This is a big mistake many Instagram influencers make and why they or maybe even you, are not making the money they should be.  You’re not an internet marketing expert.

In addition, do not turn into or be an Instagram Prostitute.  I’ll tell you what I mean by this later in this manual. But for those of you whom may have 10,000, 50,000, or 250,000 followers already and you’re not seeing the money you think you should be seeing, this may be the reason.  You are NOT an internet marketing expert. Have no fear, after reading this guide you will be and you will be making the money you SHOULD be making.

Step by Step Guide In How To Make Money On Instagram

Part I  Your Page

  • You’re on the clock


I want to start by saying this, and please don’t get offending because being in business is about truth and reality, the clock is ticking.  Kinda like this video of one of my favorite movies, My Cousin Vinny

Instagram is all about YOU and your pictures.  Whether you have a fitness, swimsuit, cosmetic, fashion, or something else Instagram, you need to look your best in order to produce good content.  Reality check time, it is no secret that the most successful Instagram pages are the ones with good looking people with good looking bodies. The older you get the more difficult it gets.  In addition every single day another girl that wants to be Instafamous turns 18 and which means that is more competition for you. I want you to be aware that TIME is of the essence. HOWEVER and this is a big however and one of the best things about my Step by step guide to making money on Instagram…

I’m giving you the blueprint for a sustained business.  What we marketers call an evergreen business. Meaning that as you get older 5, 10, 15 years from, now you’ll still be reaping the benefits of the content you made in the very beginning.  If you get pregnant, get hurt, want to take a break, you can still be making money off your social media accounts.

  1.  Creating your Instagram page

Part I.  Decide on the “niche”

This part is about creating an Instagram page if you do not have one.  If you do have one you can skip this.

The first thing you need to decide is what kind of Instagram page you want or in technical terms, your niche.  Is it a fitness page, cosmetic, fashion, food, or whatever? Or is it simply about yourself. You do NOT have to make it about anything other than yourself.  Sound conceited? Well maybe but who cares, we are talking about making money here! It can be anything you want it to be as long as you can produce content for your page.  For example if you feel you have a good body and you enjoy working out make a fitness page. If you love to surf and you feel you can make a good surfing page, do that. You must ENJOY what you are going as this will enable you to make money by doing something you enjoy.  That is everyone DREAM right? Making money by doing something you enjoy.

Here’s a VERY and I mean VERY import rule though.  Whatever you decide to do with your Instagram page, it must be visual.  And to make things easy, it should be something that is easy to generate content for.  For example, fitness is visual. You can take pictures of your body and post it. Everyday practically you workout, so you can produce content everyday.  Surfing is visual. You can take pictures of yourself surfing.

You do not want to make your Instagram page about a product or a product line.  At first it may seem easy to make some posts about a product you sell. But day, after day after day you quickly run out of ideas.  In addition, nobody cares about products. After a while they (your followers) are not going to continually “like” your product. The Instagram accounts with the most traffic are the ones about the “person” or “you”.  Therefore the Instagram page needs to be about YOU doing fitness, or YOU surfing, or YOU fixing cars. Make your Instagram page about YOU.

One side note, no porn or adult material.  I’m not against that and believe people can do what they want, however I’m here to help you make money and advertisers to NOT pay for adult material.  I mean some do, but Google, Facebook, Instagram etc do NOT and in addition, they ban you quite quickly which will make everything I tell you pointless.  

How To Make Money On Instagram:  Your Instagram page

  • It’s all about you


Your instagram page needs to be about you.  Do not feel strange that your Instagram page is ONLY pictures of yourself, because it needs to be.  People are following you because they want to look at you. They don’t care about your grandma, your uncle, your father, your cat, your fish, what you had to eat (huge pet peeve of mine) , your husband or boyfriend (kiss of death), your dentist, or anything similar.  You need to make your Instagram account pictures and videos 100% about yourself.

Take a look at Paige Hathaway’s account, she has 4 million followers. It is all about her.

Here another one

Note:  do you see the picture of the sun this person posted?  On average, this person gets about 30,000 likes per post.  The picture of the sun she posted received about 6,800 likes.  Leave this kind of stuff out of your Instagram page, it is completely worthless.  


  1.  Picture Quality & Taking Good Photos

Bottom line, you need to take high quality pictures.  Or technically speaking your CONTENT needs to be high quality.  Remember the first thing I told you was this


I made this huge and bold because I want to emphasize this to the maximum to you.  Without question high quality pictures and videos will help you make money. The higher the quality the better.  The better the quality the more that Instagram, Google, and Facebook will love them. The more they love them, the more traffic you’ll get.  The more traffic you get the more money you make. Do not skimp out on the quality of your content.


Do you get it now?  I cannot stress this enough.  It will make or break you.

You might be concerned right now, saying to yourself that you cannot take high quality photos and videos, but you’re dead wrong.  Taking high quality photos and videos is easy as long as you have an iphone. And if you don’t have an iPhone or a good smart phone, go immediately and get one, because it will be a purchase that you will surely get your return on investment (ROI) back 100X fold.

Nothing drives me more crazy when one of my students says they cannot take good pictures.  There is absolutely no excuse NOT take obtain good quality pictures of yourself. The iphone’s take incredible high quality pictures and the apps enable you to really touch them up and make them look awesome.

By simply using your iphone and the photography apps that you can get with it, you can take awesome photos.  

Photo Quality Tips

  1. Take a ton of photos.  
    1. You only need one photo.  Thus if you are working out take 100 pictures of yourself, or have someone do it for you.  You only need ONE picture out of those 100 to use. Trust me, the more photos you take the better and ONE will be THE AWESOME one to use.  Being a photographer is not hard at all. You MUST become one and an easy way to do this is by taking hundreds of pictures as this will enable you to get that ONE shot that is awesome.
  2. Get someone to take pictures of you.  Find a friend, your mom, dad, kids whomever to take your picture.  I don’t know one single person who would say, “No I don’t want to take a picture of your working out”.  
  3. After you do your “photo shoot” edit them with an iphone app.  
  4. Learn how to use the iphone.  Make sure you know how to use the portrait mode on the iphone.  This setting takes GREAT high quality photos.

I want to give you some rules about what kind of photos to take.

Like I mentioned above, make the photos about YOU!  

Photos with you in them get more likes.  Let me give you some examples.

If you look at this person’s IG account

Comparison Example 1

This picture of a bikini shot of this Instagram account got 58,000 likes

The same Instagram account posted his picture of a shaker and only got 5,800 likes
Comparison Example 2

This picture of her in thong sitting got her 83,000 likes

This picture of her out of focus and you can barely tell it is her only got here 22,000 likes

Now we can even look at a someone with a much smaller following and see the same thing.

This IG account only has 2,500 followers

Comparison Example 3

This picture got her about 600 likes

This picture only got her half that amount, why because you cannot see her face.

  1.  What does this tell us about what kind of photos and videos to take?


  1. Putting your smiling, goofy, silly, sad, FACE in the photos is important.  Chopping your head off or showing the back of your head is a recipe for failure.  
  2. Sex sells.  The concept is as old as time itself.  I remember back when I was in middle school, kids running for class officers would make posters that had in big letters…SEX. and then underneath it, it said, “now that I got your attention, vote for me!  I don’t care what niche you are in, if you add sex appeal to your content you will get more traffic. Without question if a professional athlete is good looking she will score a big corporate sponsorship. Here are some examples of big corporations using sex appeal:
    1. Lindsey Vonn and Red Bull
    2. Danica patrick and godaddy
    3. Cindy Crawford and Pepsi (oldie but goodie)
    4. Wendys and hot models eating burgers
    5. Practically every single supplement company
    6. Anna kournikova’s professional tennis player


It is very important to add sex appeal to your content to maximize the traffic that you will be getting.  Remember the formula

More content + More traffic + more advertising = more money

I’d like to show you two example Instagram accounts of two professional athletes.

The first one is Lindsey Vonn.  She is a professional skier sponsored (at this time) by Red Bull

Take a look at her account

Most of her photos get around 30,000 likes.  

However take a look at this photo that got DOUBLE the likes.  Its her in a sexy outfit.

Now take a look at Anna Kournikova’s Instagram account

This picture of her got the most likes

On a side note, in my opinion, Anna Kournikova’s Instagram account is horrible in terms of using it to make money.  The pictures stink and quite frankly everything about it. She has almost 500,000 followers and they are completely wasted, a real shame.  

  1.  Cute outfits.  

Nothing says “more likes” than a cute outfit.   Finding cute outfits and posting them to Instagram is great content.  A great example of this is this account.

This person’s Instagram does not have a niche, it is simply about herself.  She does quite well and consistently posts herself in cute outfits. And wouldn’t you know it, they get the most likes.  

However, just to point out, the posts where you can barely see her get HALF, let me say that again HALF, the amount of likes she normally gets.

This picture only got her 100,000 likes as opposed to most of her photos that get her around 200,000.

If you notice every single photo is of her.  The ONE photo I found on her account that did not have herself in it.  Guess what? Only 20,000 likes

Do not be afraid to put yourself in daring, crazy, outfits.  These content photos and videos are gold.

And if you combine sex appeal and cuteness, that is the recipe for huge success!

Keep in mind I am not making sex appeal and cuteness mandatory.  You can do as you wish with your photos’ but proof if proof and that is what I love about the internet.  Numbers don’t lie.


  1. Using a photographer

Using a photographer will most of the time get your better quality photos and videos.  But who wants to pay a photographer? I surely don’t and either should you. There are thousands of photographers out there without work that will take your picture for free.  Most will just want some credit for the photos.

How to get a photographer for free.

  1. Post your portfolio on  You’ll get a lot of inquires with people wanting to take your photo.  You can also browse for photographers in your area. You’ll find some to take your picture for free.
  2. Post on craigslist.  Probably my favorite.  Post a job offering in the GIG section.  I can almost guarantee you that you’ll get a photographer for free.  I used to post these gigs all the time on Craigslist when I needed a photographer for the Arnold Classic and the Olympia Expos.  I would always find a photographer to take pictures for free and I always got good photo’s.

Keep in mind finding a free photographer might take some time, but once you find one the work is done.   

Part II:  How To Make Money On Instagram:  Spreading Out

  1.  Create and link other social media accounts.

Remember the formula.  

More content + More traffic + more advertising = more money

It is very important to hook up other social media accounts to your Instagram.  If you go into your Instagram account settings you can hook up Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.  If you do not have these accounts, simply create them.

Keep in mind that you should create as many social media accounts as you can.  Youtube, Snapchat, Pinterest and Google plus for example. This will be important in the future as I will discuss this later in this manual.  

Pro Tip:  Make sure you sign up for Youtube monetization.  This when when someone views your videos you get paid.  Granted it is very small..even with thousands of views, but it is better than nothing…

Pro Tip:  Use Syndwire to upload to all social sharing sites

Part III How To Make Money On Instagrams:  You Must Have A Website!


  • Creating Your Website


Now that you have created our Instagram page, you have great quality pictures and videos, you must create a website in order to create a sustained business and monetize the traffic that you’ll be getting.  You’ll also need a website to collect emails which is also vitally important. I will discuss these later.

My best recommendation is a wordpress website.  Wordpress press enables you to control the website without hiring a web person.  It also enables you to monetize the website with Google Adsense, Amazon affiliate, and whatever else affiliate programs you wish to use.  

Your best option is to make a wordpress site yourself or hire someone to make one for you.  If you hire someone, at most it should cost $500.00. If I were to look for someone to make a wordpress site for me, I would look to pay around $200 to $300.   Make sure that your wordpress designer can also help you with web hosting. You can simply use godaddy and hostgator. Make sure you have all the usernames and passwords for these accounts.

Pro tip:  Make sure the URL you choose is easy to spell.  For example, is good. is not good.  

After you pay them to “design” the site, they should give you access to the admin.


Pro Tips:  


  1. Use Fiverr.  This is a very cheap source to get work done.  Check out this link I found of dozens of people that can design you a site.


2)  I personally use this company to help me with simple wordpress tasks on my live site.  They can complete small tasks on your wordpress site.  


  1.  What should your website be about.

I recommend your website should be about whatever your Instagram is about.   If you have a surfing niche Instagram, your website should be about surfing. You could blog, post pictures, do product reviews and videos.  Then you can monetize your website with surf clothes, surf boards and everything related to surfing. Technically you do not have to relate your Instagram to your website, but not doing so creates some difficulties.

Your Instagram followers are following you because of YOU and what you are doing.  Directing this traffic to a website that is not related to you will confuse your followers and create mistrust.  


III.  Your website should be content based.


Remember…CONTENT IS KING.  I recommend creating a website that is content based and NOT product based.  Google, Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram love content. The content you create in the form of blog posts, article, and videos will all be indexed (tracked) by Google.  This is extremely important as this will give you an additional source of traffic from organic Google searches.

If you go with a wordpress site choose one that has a “blog theme”.  Here is a nice blog theme.


Some important things to make sure you website has.

  1. Social sharing, I recommend social warfare
  2. Yoast SEO.  This will help with Google SEO.  
  3. Opt in for email.  This is extremely important.  Here are the steps
  1. Sign up for mailchimp or aweber.  I personally like mailchimp. It is free at for the first 2,000 subscribers.
  2. Ask your web design to install an optin pop up on your website so get as many subscribers as you can.  It is very important and do not underestimate the power of your email list. You can literally make hundreds of dollars by sending an email to your subscribers.  You can send them emails with offers or anything else you would like to sell to them. You can also charge companies to send an email promoting their product. For example, if you niche is swimwear, you can call up a swimwear company and tell them for $500.00 you’ll send their promotion to your email list.  I personally charge $5,000 for one email send to my list.


  1.  I want to tell you one extremely important topic.  One of the worst things you can do is NOT create a website.  If you do not create your website you risk losing ALL of your content.  What do I mean by this? Well technically ANY social media site can delete you account at any time for any reason.  This scares the hell out of me and should scare the hell out of you. Never put all of your eggs in one basket. By making a website, if anything happens to your social media pages at least you still have your website that NOBODY can shut down.  

  Part 4:  How To Make Money On Instagram:  Now For the Good Part,  Making Money

After your site is created & how to make money with it.

This next section is going to tell you how to begin to start making money with your website and your social media accounts.  Your website and your social media accounts are what you need to make money and create a sustained business. A business where you can go on a month long vacation and not worry about it and still make money everyday with you not being there.  

Now that you have created a website and your social media accounts you are going to want to drive traffic to your site.  You do not want to steer your social media traffic anywhere else BUT your website. Time and time again I see Instagram Influencers putting a Youtube link in their bio or something else that is NOT their website.   This is a big mistake.

Pro Tip:  On your Instagram bio clickable link, make sure that link takes them to an optin page so you capture their email.

Pro Tip #2:  Never ever, try to send people to a site where the link is NOT clickable.  Nobody is going to be able to correctly type in a URL into their iphone browser.  Instagram only allows ONE clickable link and that link should go to your website.

Sign up for Amazon Affiliate Program

This is one of the best ways to make money on the internet.  I shouldn’t have to tell you this but Amazon is a beast. They are taking over the shopping world.  I don’t know one person that has NOT ordered something off of

When you sign up for Amazon affiliate program you get paid a commission when someone clicks on your tracking URL and they order something or sign up for something.  You will see money from this.

Here is the link to sign up

Pro Tip:  I use easy azon.  It is a wordpress plugin that allows me to easily add products into my wordpress blog posts.   

Pro Tip #2.  Never ever recommend a product or something to buy on your site without getting paid for it.  Always make sure it has affiliate tracking. Never ever have a company give you a coupon code to use.  Coupon codes do not have tracking and their is no way to see how much you really are making.

Pro Tip #3.  Amazon converts the best traffic.  Meaning you’ll see the most sales from Amazon links.  However feel free to find other affiliate programs. One popular one is  They massive amounts of affiliate offers you can use to monetize your traffic.


Sign up for Google Adsense.  

Another easy way to make money from your traffic.  You can easily do it yourself or pay someone from Fiverr to help you set up Adsense on your website.  Always make sure you have Google Adsense on the pages our driving traffic to. You can sign up for Google adsense on the link below.


Part V:  How To make money on Instagram:  Ways to get traffic from Instagram to your website.

Remember you cannot make one single dime from your Instagram account.  Instagram does not offer anyway to monetize your content. Essentially you are giving away YOUR content for free.  Not really fair right? Before social media and Instagram people were charged for content. People had to pay to look at girls in Playboy magazine for example.  They had to pay for the magazine. If they wanted to see Pamela Anderson in a bikini they had to pay for it. Now the times have changed. Instagram created a world where people can enjoy your content for FREE!  That is why Instagram became so popular because the content is free! And whom benefits, not you, well not yet anyway, hopefully after you finish with my manual you will. But right now you are giving away your content for free and the only one that is benefiting is Instagram and the person viewing your content!  

You must be paid for your content.  It is not fair to you to give it away for free.  

Therefore in this next section, we are going to talk about how to charge for your content.

  • Teasers and trailers.

My first method is to create a teaser photo or trailer.  This method is like a magazine. But instead you are using Instagram and other social media sites.  You create content and post on your website. Then you only post a 1 picture teaser or a 10 second video trailer on your social media accounts.  You tell your followers to view the rest go to your website. Remember you are not giving away your content for free. Here how it works.


  1. Let’s say you decide that the content you are going to make is a squat video.  Video tape your squat workout and upload the entire video onto Youtube.
  2. After you make the video and upload it to youtube, post it on your website.  Make sure that you do your best to write what the video is about. What you did, how you did it, and anything else you can think of.   For example if you did a booty workout you should put how many reps you do, how many sets, correct form, and any and all information you can think of.  
  3. Make sure on this blog post it is MONETIZED!  This is how you will be making money.
  4. You should have Google Adsense displaying on this page.  
  5. You should have an affiliate product link on this page as well.  For example, if you did the booty squat workout, you should put the products that you recommend.  The sneakers you recommend to squat with. The leggings you used, the sports bra you wore etc etc.  You can even take it as far as recommending the equipment to use. You will be surprised just how many companies have affiliate programs.  
  6. Pro tip:  check out  They offer a ton of affiliate programs.
  7. After you monetize your blog post with affiliate offers and monetized the youtube video, you take the best, sexiest part of your squat video and upload only about 5 to 10 seconds to Instagram.  Or use a picture.
  8. In your photo’s caption tell people to click on the link in your bio to see the rest of the squat video.  Use words that will really get people excited and curious to see the video. Something like, “You won’t believe what happened when I was squatting!”
  9. In the caption make sure you use at least 11 hashtags that relate to your content.  
  10. The clickable link in your Instagram bio should take them to your website with an opt in page and the monetized post on your website.  

Pro Tip.  You can simply copy your youtube squat video URL into your wordpress blog post and wordpress automatically posts the video.  

This gets you three things.  

  1. You possibly get an email subscriber
  2. You get a youtube view, which you get paid for
  3. You get a social signal passed onto Google.


11)  Post a teaser in the Instagram story.  This is the great part about Instagram.  They allow you to post a URL link in your Instagram story.  Tell them to see the rest of the squat workout to swipe up. The traffic you get to this page will hopefully give you an email subscriber and Google adsense revenue.  

12)  Make sure you post to your other social media accounts like Facebook, tumblr, and Snapchat.  Remember to drive this traffic to your blog post that you just made.

Pro tip.  There is a wordpress plug in called social locker.  It forces people to “like” and “share” the content that you produce.  This helps you grow your following.    

Part VI:  How To Make m0ney on Instagram:  Why it’s Google search engine rankings are important.

Let me ask you something, when you want something and you turn to Google for the answer, does it typically result in a purchase?  For example, I’m hungry I want something to eat, preferably take out. I grab my phone and I type in Best chinese food in my area.  I get shown results by Google and I choose one of those. The Chinese food place that I bought from just benefited from ranking on the first page off Google.  

What I am explaining to you is one of the best, if not THE best way to make money on the internet.   Ranking your website on the first page of Google.

Ranking on the first page of Google for a certain keyword term or phrase is highly lucrative.  Let me put it into perspective.

About 250,000 people a month Google “whey protein”.  If you are one of those websites that rank on the first page of Google for “whey protein”, you are selling a boat load of protein.  Probably upwards in millions of pounds per year.

This is very powerful and companies pay thousands to search engine optimization companies to try to get their websites to rank on the first page of Google.  If you can rank your website on the first page of Google for whatever keyword term or phrase you choose…guess what? You’re selling a lot of products and making a lot of money.

But how does one get to be on the first page of Google?  Something called domain authority. Google through some sort of algorithm determines which website has the most authority on that particular subject.  Some of that authority we know is determined by social signals. For example, if Google detects that 100,000 people from Instagram and Facebook were mentioning my whey protein powder, day after day and month after month, it would consider my website as having more authority than most.  In addition if talked about my whey protein on their website, Google would consider this as having some authority as well.

Adding them up, it would rank it higher and maybe even put it on the first page of Google.

I believe that Google puts a strong weighted factor into social signals.  The more social signals a web page gets, the higher it will rank in the search engine ranking positions.

How To Rank Your Website on the first.

Keep in mind what I am about to explain to you is no easy task.  It takes months and years to rank on the first page of Google. But it is not as complicated as some people like to think.  I belive it is possible if you have a constant flow of social traffic heading to these pages. And when you do start ranking on the first page of Google, that is when the serious money starts to come in and you begin to create yourself a sustained evergreen business.


  1. Find a keyword that you can rank for.  THis is kinda of hard part. I use keyword finder.  It gives you keywords that you can rank for. Lets take for example the squat vidoe workout that I mentioned above.  YOu go to this website and find a keyword to use on your blog post and you optimize that blog post for that keyword
  2. Make sure your blog post is optimized for Google.  You can easily do this by using the Yoast SEO plug in on your wordpress website.  YOu do not need to pay anyone to do this. Yoast SEO tells you exactly what you need to do. Anyone with a 8th grade education can do this.
  3. Send your social traffic to the page.  By sending social traffic to your page it will tell Google that this page is important and it will start to rank it…
  4. The more traffic you send the higher it will rank.


Pro tip:  you can go to fiverr and pay someone $5.00 to help you rank for your keyword.


Team up with a company that has a high domain authority AND an affiliate software or is willing to work with you.  

Now this is something that I feel could be the most lucractive option and it give you the best chance for making money.


Step 1

The first step is to find a keyword that is easy to rank for.

For example.  I found this keyword

“Bikini body Guide”.  (its not that easy but it is possible)

The keyword phrase gets about 10,000 searches a month.


Step 2

The second step is to find a website that ranks on the second page of Google.  

I found this site.


Step 3

The third step is to contact them and ask them if they want to work with you to help their website rank on the first page of Google.  Tell them that they currently rank on the second page and with your help via social media traffic you can get them to rank better. If they agree you do the following:

However before you proceed you need to agree on your commissions.  Amazon pays about 7%. Some bikini websites pay about 15%. Therefore I would shoot for a 20% commission.  

Step 4

You create a blog post about the keyword you’re focusing on.  You then put a link to on your website.

Step 5

You then go through your social media instructions that I gave you above.  You create teaser pics and or videos to get people to the page you want them to go to.  

Side notes:  

The idea is to find a company with a high doman authority.  You can do this by going here has a domain authority of about 37.  That is good. You want to find a site that has a domain authority between 20 and 60.


In addition, this is only the tip of the iceberg.  You see 10,000 people search for “bikini body guide” on Google per month.  And these are buyers. Month after month you’ll be profiting from women buying the bikini body guide.

Now imagine if you are doing this for 10, 20, 50 websites.  You’ll be making a ton of commission money. The key is to consistently generate content.

Remember CONTENT IS KING!  Instagram, Facebook, nor Youtube cannot produce content, they NEED YOU!  

You can do this for  hundreds of keywords in Google.  Do you realize the potential? It’s huge!

Part VII  How To Make Money On Instagram:  Don’t Be An Instagram Prostitute

Meaning dont’ sell yourself for one trick or dime.

how to make money on instagram

There is an easy way to make money on Instagram and that is to be what I call an Instagram Prostitute.  A prostitute makes their money by performing an act and getting quickly paid for it. One and done so to speak.  They fulfill the customers need and never see them again. This what MOST Instagram influencers are going. They are charging corporations $50 to $5,000 for post.  Then after a while the post is gone and the Instagram influencer never hears from them again. Being an Instagram Prostitute is a horrible way to create a evergreen, sustainable business for yourself.  And just like a real prostitute who’s business life span is short, so will the Instagram influencers whom go about monetizing their accounts this way. I can guarantee you that in 10 years, the Instagram Infulencers in the fitness industry that are conducting their business this way will be out of business.  

My business plan aboves creates a sustainable business that will last for year.  Because day after day month after month you are creating content that is getting indexed and crawled by Google and other search engines.   It never disappears off the internet.

Keep in mind you can do both, and sometimes you WANT to do both.  However when you do a one and done post make sure you post that content on your blog and create a blog post that has inforation about it so Google likes it and indexes it.  

For example.  If a company approaches you about promoting their fat burner on Instagram.  Tell them sure thing for such and such dollars. However you would like to write up an awesome review for them on your website including a video review.  And you would like them to share your website link on their website. Plus if they could share it to their social media accounts.


Here are the steps


  1. Reach out to a supplement company or they reach out to you about their products.  Tell them that you really like their product and you want to promote it.
  2. After they agree have them send you a sample of their product, payment for the post (this can be from $20 to $500 depending on your following), and an affiliate code.  You need the affiliate code so you can continue to get paid for the product sales. If they have the product on that is fine too, just use your Amazon affiliate code.
  3. Do a photo shoot with the product and post the photos and product review on your site
  4. Tell the supplement company to post the link from your blog somewhere on their website.
  5. Create a teaser on your social media accounts telling people if they want to see more of YOU click on the link in your bio.  Maybe tell them if they want a coupon code for the product or a free giveaway click on the link in your bio.


This method creates content for you and the supplement company is happy because you promoted their product and even made a video review.  Meanwhile, you just created content for Google and yourself. If your photoshoot is good and your video review is awesome, maybe the supplement company will share it to their social media pages and you’ll gain more followers.

Part VIII:  How To Make Money On Instagram:  Bonus Tips

More techniques to make money with your Instagram account

I stated before in this guide that Instagram is so popular beacuse the content is free.  Well the content is free because of you! You are giving away your content for free. Fox TV does not give away the Super Bowl for free!  They charge corporations millions of dollars to show their ads during the Super Bowl. ANd guess what? You should be doing the same thing.  

Create commericals on your Instagram account

Instagram gives you the ability to post several pictures together.  Thus here’s a way to monetize that.


  1. Produce a photoshoot.  Instead of posting all of the photos on your IG account make every 4th or 3rd one an advertisement.  Businesses will LOVE this.
  2. Contact a sports wear company, like Gym Shark.  Tell them you’ll love to promote their products on your IG and you will leave it up permanently.  Then do a photoshoot wearing their clothes, post it on your website, and then post it to your social media accounts.
  3. You can do the same thing with video.  There are plenty of video editing apps.




Remember, the idea is to get people off of your instagram account and onto your website.

You must continually update your website with content

Post as much content as you can on your site

Constantly be on the look out for bigger and better affiliate programs

Try to team up with business that will pay you big commissions and post your website and their website and share your blog posts. I hope you enjoyed my guide on How To Make Money On Instagram

Remember if you want team up with my company, just send me a text message 732-901-9600.