Is A GMP Certified Facility Always Good?

When a supplement company says that they are gmp certified it usually means they are trying to convince you that they sell high quality supplements.  However this is just a marketing scam.  Being GMP certified really does not mean anything because most of the time the supplement company is not even making their own products.

“Manufactured in a GMP certified facility? What Does that Mean Exactly?

Our Protein Report has really been making some waves in the supplement industry lately. If you haven’t read it yet, and you use protein powders make sure you read it. Its eye opening and will keep you from getting scammed by a lot of protein supplement companies. Now these supplement companies that were caught protein spiking and are being sued by people whom have used their supplements are trying to repair themselves understandably. DAMGE CONTROL!!! One way they are trying to make it seem like they sell legitimate protein powders and they are legit is to say something along the lines like this.

Our protein powder is made in a GMP certified (good manufacturing practices) facility.

Sound pretty good right? And a lot of times they’ll use an official looking logo they found on the internet.

Well I can tell you unequivocally that saying, “Our protein powder is made in a GMP facility is like saying. “I got a high school diploma from a high school”. Why?

All protein supplement manufacturers by LAW are supposed to be FDA registered and follow the CFR 111’s and have in place manufacturing practices that follow these regulations. And let me make one thing clear before I forget.

THE FDA does not approve any manufacturing facility or supplement!!!

 They simply enforce the regulations.

If you own a dietary supplement manufacturing facility there is not an official government organization that deems your manufacturing facility GMP compliant and you get one of these fancy looking graphic designs to put on your label or product. These is just made up. If you see a protein supplement with a GMP logo on it its make believe. Really it is!! Crazy right?

So if a supplement company say’s there protein powder is made in a cGMP facility it means absolutely nothing. The only things that matter is if the company whose NAME and address is on the label is following the CFR 111’s and that they have a 3rd party lab analysis verifying what is on the label is in the bottle.

Finally I’d like to point out slew of mis information that floats around the internet. Especially on message boards like

Check out this thread

Here’s the first post in the thread of some guy asking a question.

“If you have a protein powder that is produced at a cGMP facility (It should say on the container if it is), then please list it here.

I will start:


Now as you can see we have two things. The first thing is the guy might have been fooled to think that cGMP means something that has to do with good quality. Obviously he thinks it is a sign of quality. And the second thing is that the poster might have been just trying to promote isoflex.

Now watch the responses he gets. The first are a few people naming protein powders that have this imaginary GMP logo’s on them. Then some guys asks this….

Aren’t all supplement companies required to have their products produced/manufactured/whatever in cGMP facilities now required by the FDA?

Then the next post in response to this question is mis information and false from one of these self proclaimed supplement experts.

No they are not. Especially Creatine supplements. Most studies on Creatine are performed on monohydrate creatine. 

This answer above is 100% inaccurate and completely false information. By FDA law all dietary supplements, which creatine is a dietary supplement, must be compliant with the CFR 111’s (regulations for dietary supplement manufacturing/holding/distribution).

Now the next post is a guy who thinks he’s got it all figured about but he doesn’t. Here is his post.

It doesn’t matter if the product was manufactured in a GMP certified facility. That only means the facility itself has been approved to manufacture supplements. Unless the actual product says GMP certified and not “manufactured in a cGMP certified facility” the product you’re purchasing has NOT been looked at and verified that what is IN the container is what the label reads. It’s a crooked way to do business, but it takes the manufacturer too much time, and too much money per product to have each product certified. The more people who are aware of this tidbit of information, maybe the more honest this industry will become.

First his second sentence is FALSE. As I stated the FDA does not approve facilities. Second he thinks that products that say cGMP …well…. are cGMP. However I applaud him for trying to point out the antics that are going on in the supplement business.

I pointed out this tread on because this is a classic example of the mis information people read on the internet that leads to the supplement companies marketing false and mis leading information and getting away with it. These people that posted on this thread are only helping these supplement companies with the cGMP scam to sell more product. Not only that buy is supporting this garbage as well.

The real answer is what I first stated in this article. cGMP means nothing as far as quality control goes. Its all made up to make you think it means quality and testing…but it doesn’ just means that the company is trying to scam you.