Supplement Science Round-Up

When it comes to supplement and science, I think overall you’ll find out that many supplements do not have the effects their marketing claims shout about.  Instead I think, it should be more of a whisper.  Meaning that most of the “effects” of supplements are weak and barely noticable.  However the supplement companies that sell them make it seem like the supplements that are pushing on you, will have “MIND BLOWING, STUPENDEIOUS RESULTS!”

Instead I like to take a look at real research studies conducted on supplements.  By doing this, it brings all this supplement marketing hype back to reality and we can take a realistic look at how weak or strong a supplement can be.

CLA does not work for fat loss.  

I have said this in previous articles that I have written.  CLA is not a good fat loss supplement.  In fact, I do not know one person that CLA worked for in terms of a fat loss supplement.  However, CLA can be used as a mass supplement.  If you’re trying to gain muscle mass, you need healthy fats.  CLA is a healthy fat.

Here a recent study which comes to the conclusion that CLA does not help with fat loss, and states.

The results of this study suggest that conjugated linoleic acid supplementation does not maximize motor performance, and loss of body and abdominal fat induced by aerobic training in overweight women.


The Exercise To Get The Most Ripped

The next study does not have to do with supplements, but I loved it, so I thought you might enjoy it to.  I’m a big believer in going the exercises that stimulate muscle the most.  You know, pull-ups, deadlifts, and squats.  This study concluded which exercise is the most strenuous.  What do you think is?

  1. The Deadlift
  2. The Squat
  3. The Lunge
  4. Bench press
  5. Burpee
  6. Push ups

Answer:  None of the above.  The exercise that the authors concluded was the most strenuous was the battling the rope exercise.   Therefore if you want to lean out and lose some body fat….fight those ropes.  I’m going to do these after my weight training everytime I work out.  Love it!!

These Things Called SARMS (select androgen receptor modulators)

I recently started to research SARMS because they are muscle building agents and are currently being sold as supplements.  SARMS like Ostarine and LGD 4033 are very popular.  A recent study has shown that SARMS have muscle building benefits.  The problem with SARMS is the quality control.  Be very careful when buying SARMS because you are buying them from the underground market if they are from a US company.  Your best bet would be to buy from an overseas supplement company.

Patented Supplement?

It is rare that you find a patented supplement, so when you find one, you should pay attention.  A supplement called Laxogenin was patented a couple of years ago.


The owner of this patented it for claims like anabolic activity and increased protein synthesis.  The claims for laxogenin are pretty impressive, however something tell me that this product is not going to work like anabolic steroids.  If you have used this product please comment below on your results.  I put this supplement on my experimental list.  Meaning, it does not come before I buy protein powders, creatine, and supplements I know are really healthy for me, like CBD Oil capsules.  I might have plans to make my own Laxogenin supplement in the future.  But for now, this is the brand of I recommend.

Looking Good.

Supplements can be used to enhance your beauty.  Supplements such as Oligonol have been shown in studies help with wrinkles and age spots.  In addition, lower cortisol levels can make you look younger too.  In the study below you’ll see just that.


Just another reason why you should try to keep cortisol levels in control.  Stress, caffeine, and not eating fruits and vegetables are all ways that your cortisol levels can get out of control.  Supplements such as CBD (cannabidiol), Alpha-GPC, and Myo-X can all help support lower cortisol levels.  Avoid pre workout supplement that have caffeine.