Using Tomatoes For Muscle Growth

If someone asked me what supplements I would recommend for muscle growth I would say creatine.  But I would preference that by saying, “I would buy food powders over supplements any day of the week, like protein powder .  Additionally I think other “concentrated forms” of food are much more effective than most of the supplements being sold today.  I would use Tectanic Red (which is a designer beet juice powder, not to be confused with regular beet juice powder), over free form amino acids, L-Glutamine, L-Arginine, or typical pre-workouts any day of the week and twice on Sunday.  Besides beet root powder, there are other concentrated food powders that you can use to help increase muscle growth.  One of those is tomatoes.   About 2 years ago a company isolated a compound found in green tomatoes called tomatidine.   I was hoping to see it commercially available by now but no such luck.  From what it seems, it looks like they are trying to make this into a drug.  Which to me, means they will license it to a public pharmaceutical company, where the inventors and insiders will own shares and then make shit load of money when the stock price soars.  In order to get it, you’ll need to see your doctor, then he’ll have to refer you to another doctor who prescribes it, then make you follow up with blood tests, and more visits and more blood tests.  By the time its all said and done, you’ll be paying $1,000 for green tomato powder that some underpaid factory worker in Mexico is making for 50 cents a pound.  But that’s a different story.

I just came across some research that recently involved tomatoes.

tomato research muscle growth

Pretty interesting study.  So not only does tomato juice contain a boatload of nutrients, but using it, according to this study will help with support muscle strength.

As usual, I like to research where to buy tomato juice powder, because personally, I would like to try it.   I don’t think it has the “juice” that Tectanic Red powder has, but it might be right up there with it, well worth a try.  The worst-case scenario is that you’ll just be nourishing your body with nutrients via mother nature.

Here’s the product I would get if you want to give it a shot. (see down below)  It is a win win situation.  You simply cannot go wrong here.

You know it amazes me how most of the supplement companies out there just keep in shoving the same old boring products at you claiming that they are the best.  If I see another supplement company with the slogan, “Join the Movement”, I’m going to puke.  NEWS FLASH!!!  The most powerful supplements are going to come from FOOD.  Like Tectanic Red!!  You wanna see a change in your physique it is not going to come from Gummy Bear flavored pre workout powder.  It is going to come from something like a designer tomato juice powder.  Using what mother nature is giving us and amplifying it.   Like fertile egg yolk powder.  Yes, it has naturally occurring follistatin, which suppress myostatin.  This is FACT.  However it needs to be refined even more.  Yes the products DOES indeed reduce myostatin, but something needs to be improved to create the muscle building effect that I am looking for.  That being said, NEVER far to stray away from  If you want something new, you’re going to find it here.  Always make sure you are subscribed to my email.