Did You Know? Common Protein Powders That You Buy Are…..

Here’s a little tidbit for all you protein cooks and bakers out there.  The whey proteins that you buy or really other protein powders that you buy on the retail shelf is NOT meant for baking and cooking.  What I mean by this is that the typical whey protein powder that you buy is made to be stirred with a spoon and made into a drink.  Instead, if you want to bake or cook with a whey protein and make yourself say a protein brownie, you want to buy whey protein that is specifically manufactured to bake with. The baking whey protein that I am messing around with is a unique blend of dairy proteins designed to fortify baked goods with protein while preventing over-aeration and product “lift/rise”, which occurs when adding protein to baked goods.  You see the supplement and nutrition companies that make whey protein powder to drink does not want you to know this because they want you to continue to buy their products.

I am working and experimenting now with this “baking and cooking whey protein”.  Here is a picture of it.

baking whey protein

Looks like drinking whey protein powder but it is not.  Baking whey protein powder will NOT have any soy lecithin or sunflower lecithin.  Lecithin is an emulsifier commonly used in drinking whey protein powders because it helps it go into solution when you mix it with a spoon.  So if you Google baking whey protein, you’ll find some, but all of them I found contain lecithin, which means they just bought a regular drinking whey protein and CALLED it a baking whey protein when it really is not.

Here is a picture of the baking whey protein when I added water to it.  You can see the clumping on top of the water.  I’ll be working with this baking ingredient and should have some available soon.  For those that like to cook and bake with whey protein, I think you’re going to like this.  I love to make protein bars to take with me to work.  I add fruit pieces, nuts, and date paste, and a bunch of other things to make a tasty protein snack.

baking whey protein