Uh Oh, Artificial Sweeteners In Your Protein Making You Fat & Hungry?

I’ve been promoting buying unflavored protein powder over flavored protein powder for over 20 years now. And my case keeps getting stronger and stronger as the years go by.

A study was just published that came to the conclusion that artificial sweeteners may increase food cravings in females and obese people. The study can be found here.


Here is my first article about unflavored protein powders.

If I had to pick ONE reason NOT to use flavored protein powder, it would be because you are PAYING for flavoring and not protein. Because no matter what, if you buy 2 lbs, you are purchasing 2 pounds. It’s not like the company selling your flavored protein powder is going to sell you 2.5 lbs for the price of 2 lbs. Flavoring REMOVES protein powder. This is basic stuff that I started yelling about 20 years ago. One must know the protein percentage of the powder they are buying. One of the best-selling protein powders at GNC is GHost chips ahoy flavor. It is only 65% protein. That means about 1/3 of the jar is NOT protein!! Rip off, in my opinion. Only 1.32 pounds of the 2 lbs is actually protein powder.

Do the math! Divide 25 grams of protein by 39 grams serving size = 0.64 or 64%…TRASH!!

So now the study above just gives me more ammunition that recommends unflavored protein powder over flavored protein powder. If you want Chips Ahoy flavored protein powder, just buy a bag of chips ahoy and blend it in there. It’s as simple as that.