Looking For More Energy, Better Mood, While Avoiding Caffeine?

I would have to guess that caffeine comes in at #2 when it comes to the popularity of supplements.  Protein obviously is #1, but pre-workout supplements and fat burners are pretty much tied for 2nd.  And in those pre-workout supplements and fat burners is an ingredient or drug called caffeine.  People love caffeine, it wakes them up, perks them up, and makes them feel like the supplement is “working”.  I’m not sure exactly how caffeine is allowed in dietary supplements being that the FDA defines it as a drug, but it is and people buy it up.  Why do they buy it up?  Because it gives the user of it “energy”.  Supplement companies used caffeine to sell people their supplements.  However, I do not consider caffeine a muscle building product or a weight loss product.  In fact, I label it as a muscle wasting and fat gaining product.  Hopefully some of you take my advice and not use it.  But the problem still remains because people, still ask me what they can use to replace caffeine. 

I have a suggestion for you that you probably have not heard of, French Oak Extract.  This product, believe it or not, comes from a forest in France.  It is a fantastic product, patented, and made under strict quality control guidelines.  In layman’s terms, it’s not coming from She Song Fu Fung factory in China, its coming from a company that actually takes pride in innovation and science.  In addition last year French Oak Extract won an award for the best sports nutrition ingredient.  Nope you’re not going to find this ingredient sold by any sports nutrition company like Purple Stone Labs or Low-Tech Pharmaceuticals, instead, it has been hidden on the back pages of online supplement sites.   Why?  Because few people know about, with the exception of me and now you. 

Does French Oak Extract work like caffeine?  No, it does not.  French oak extract does not work as rapidly to give you the jitters like caffeine. But works a lot better than caffeine when it comes to health and French Oak Extract does not cause you to lose muscle and gain fat!  The science behind french oak extract shows that it will help you perform better, give you more energy, and helps with your mood.  The only bad thing about french oak extract is that you need to take it for at least 2 weeks for it’s effects to start kicking in.  But without a doubt, if you’re looking to be in a better mood and with more energy that you should try this product.  It was just released in the United States a couple of years ago and I think its potential is pretty big.

french oak extract

Here’s where you can buy it.  Keep in mind you need about 300mg per day for at least 60 days.  I would buy two to three bottles.

More info on French Oak Extract

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