Meet Seth Feroce, Bodybuilder and Entrepreneur

Seth Feroce Statistics

Seth Feroce is a fantastic bodybuilder, he has participated in many competitions and has won many awards. Seth has about 400,000 followers on his Instagram page. On his Instagram page, it mainly consists of him posing with his clothes and pictures of his physique. On his Instagram page he states he owns a clothing company and a supplement company.

Seth is tall and weighs

Gummy Bears and Post Workout Nutrition

A short but sweet one, Seth Feroce really enjoys gummy bears. Although they don’t provide any benefit to his physical stature, it does help him mentally prepare for the workout ahead of him, gives him an insulin spike and just all around makes him happy. Being a bodybuilder has deprived himself of the things that he liked, and one, of course, being gummy bears. But those are the things that you got to take out of your life so that you can look good in the mirror. But now that offseason is setting in, Seth Feroce can enjoy the things that he likes the most. But Seth still says that there are still so many better options for a post workout rather than gummy bears. Most likely he is talking about protein powder and creatine.

Bodybuilding Snacks

Seth Feroce enjoys the salty snacks, extra salty pretzels or Doritos. Now snacks that benefit bodybuilding. Peanut butter and jelly rice cakes is Seth’s go-to, he usually has 2 or 3 before he heads to the gym. He eats Smuckers all natural creamy. And goes through a 16 oz. Jar in three days. A nice large cup of almond milk and a little bit of whey protein and his peanut butter and jelly sandwich if he is prepping for a big day tomorrow. Also snack wise trail mix just for between meals or if you missed one. Also you can never go wrong with fruits and vegetables. But make sure that is higher quality calories snacks and work out extra hard to burn those off, if you don’t you’ll get fat for sure

seth feroce

Another question Seth Feroce tackles is how much protein should I eat each day?

It all depends on how hard you are training. When Seth Feroce goes in to work out he trains as hard as he possible can. As he does is he is searching for ways to make that workout even harder and better. So he can challenge himself then he has to eat because the workout that he just did he was pouring sweat, shaking and was pushing himself way past the workout that his body was planning to do. Now he needs to refuel his body so that it can grow and rebuild and recover. Now how much protein do you need to do that? 300 grams is not enough. In order to grow, you need more, and a whole lot of carbohydrates. 350 grams is what Seth takes in everyday to get in the shape that he is in right now. His body can utilize all these calories in his workouts.

Next, Seth Feroce takes on the question, should I take steroids?

This questions in a very personal choice. It is up to you. In Seth Feroce’s opinion the answer is no. If you are taking steroids you got to have a purpose. You better have researched it. And you better have an understanding of what is going to occur. If you are asking Seth Feroce if you should take steroids, what do you know about then. Have you done research. Are you educated. Do you know what the side effects are? Do you know what can occur? Do you know, if the answer is no, then Seth Feroce’s answer is absolutely no. If your answer is yes and you have the education and the idea to back it up and can explain why you want to do it and how you are going to do it, then yeah it just comes down to a personal choice and if you really want to do it. If you are educated, you know things are going to go wrong, you know the consequences of your actions, that you are going to have to live with possibly for the rest of your life, it is all up to you. Then that also means that you can’t come crying like a little victim “Aw this happened to me because I did this”. Well yeah that happened what did you expect you are taking steroids. Thats really stuff, steroids are not a joke. Then after they are done they want to say, “Aw it didn’t work out for me it had all these problems, this that and this”. Of course you had problems. These people are stupid and if you are one of these peoples. I highly recommend that you change your ways and train the old fashion way, with sweat, sweat and whole lot more sweat. But overall it is still your personal choice. Just don’t do dumb stuff. That is Seth Feroce’s blanket statement for everything.

One last question, What is The Best Way and How Many Times a Week to Work Out You Legs.

It depends on how much you want to push yourself. A lot of people like to hit body parts twice a week, and some people don’t. Me personally. I can not train legs twice a week. Seth Feroce also doesn’t think that it is easy to work it twice a week because there is not enough time to recover in that time span. And people also say heavy day and light day workouts. Seth personal if he is prioritizing a body part. Whether is be legs or arms or shoulders or chest or back, what ever it is. He will train it as hard as he possibly can and beat that part of his body to the ground. Just kill it. And then he will see how long it will take to recover, one hundred percent, will it be three days, will it be our days, five days, once he is fully recovered what ever he was suppose to train that day, not training, he’ll go legs again. He will train the body part he is prioritizing so if it is day one legs, and on day five he is fully recovered training legs again. Then from day five, on, if he was suppose to train back on day five, nope not anymore. Back is now on day six, and then he will see how long it will take to recover from legs again then he will do it again.