Supplement Tidbits: Protein Bars, Wild Gourd, & Japanese Seaweed Anabolics

Welcome to another addition of supplement tidbits.  Supplement tidbits are newsworthy supplement information that is not large enough for its own article but I feel its great information to share with you.  Here we go.

SARM replacer?

I found a study where researchers gave mice bitter melon extract and it acts in some ways as SARMs do.

Sweet Potato Protein Bars

I found these new protein bars that you might want to check out.  Small company, I believe a mom and pop type of place, but they turn out these protein bars that are pretty awesome and I think you’ll like.  They are called Muscleup Protein bars and they are just protein, sweet potato, peanut butter, and fiber.

Arnold Classic Is Lame

The Arnold Classic was held a few weeks ago and nothing new came out.  Back in the late 90’s when the was just a little baby, it was a grand old time.  New products, new companies, new supplements, and all the girls you could shake a stick at.  Nowadays I heard it is really lame.  Supplement companies nowadays do not produce anything new.  They just rehash old ingredients with different looking labels.  Granted if you’re looking to bring home a boatload of free samples, the Arnold Classic Expo is good to attend.  But if you’re looking for new cutting edge supplements, you’re not going to find any.

Pomegranate Juice & Peptopro

A few blog posts back I talked about how one of my new favorite protein drinks is now pomegranate juice and Peptopro.  Peptopro is great to mix with pomegranate juice because both are bitter and they compliment each other.  Not only that but pomegranates have a ton of anti-estrogen and cortisol reducing effects making it a very powerful post-workout/muscle building drink.

Here are a couple more studies that should convince you to go out and buy some pomegranate juice and mix with about 3 tbs of Peptopro.

Japaniese Seaweed May Be Anabolic

This is a pretty cool study I found.  People that consumed the Japanese seaweed Nori went anabolic and anti-catabolic.  Here is what the researched quoted.

These findings demonstrated that PYCP increased protein synthesis and decreased protein breakdown to prevent muscle atrophy. Therefore, PYCP supplementation appears to be useful for preventing muscle atrophy.

You’d need to eat about 4 grams of this product a day.

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High Protein Sausage From Germany

I like finding new products that are innovative and high quality.

The first one is Proteinella.  Very cool looking product that is like Nutella.


The second product is a protein sausage that has a nice hot kick to it.  It’s 47% protein to.