New Battle Rope That Will Give You The Best Cardio Of Your Life!


Inertia Wave is The New Way To Maximize Battle Rope Benefits from on Vimeo.


Listen to the Podcast with Dave Parise, Inventor of the Inertia Wave

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A new form of battle ropes has just been invented.  Universities and professional athletes are using this piece of equipment that you’ll see me using below.  I’ve used battle ropes before and let me tell you, this new product blows them away.

If you want to get lean, stay lean, get ripped, have veins and striations, you need to do CARDIO.  Sucks but it is true.  I’ve never seen someone NATURAL, get ripped without doing some sort of cardio activity.  I play a lot of hockey and surf a lot so that keeps me “in shape”.  But nothing like trying something new to kick-start more fat loss.  Low and behold the Inertia Wave!  My friend Dave Parise invented it.  I love the ingenuity and I love when someone creates something that nobody has.  Not only that but this is a quality piece of equipment.   The inertia wave replaces the battle rope.  The battle rope is a tough exercise to do, the inertia wave makes it 10 times harder.

Here is me using it

Without question, this is a great piece of equipment to get and it comes from an expert.  So if you want to burn some fat, get this baby and do it everyday for 30 minutes…if you can, and I can guaratee you’ll have less bodyfat.  Combine it with 20 grams of Salmobolic and BOOM, more fat loss!


Why the Inertia Wave is better than the battle ropes:

  1. Safer and more effective
  2. Burns more calories 48 calories every 3 minutes
  3. Portable
  4. You can use anywhere
  5.  Won’t tear up your joints and wrists like battle ropes do