New Research How To Increase Amino Acids In The Blood By 20%

Protein is the key to muscle mass.  If you want to grow muscle you’ll need protein, and high-quality protein to say the least.

The better the quality of the protein, the better the absorption, the more muscle mass you'll wind up achieving. Click To Tweet One way to increase the absorption of protein is to use digestive enzymes.  Our Dep0-Nitrolase 250 with ProHydrolase is the best protein digestive enzyme money can buy.  It has awesome clinical research to back up our serious marketing claims.  Unlike other protein digestive enzyme supplements that simply use marketing hype and nothing else.  Our Depo-250 with ProHydrolase backs up our marketing with quality research.

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The research shows that when using ProHydrolase, the body will have approximately 20% more amino acids in the blood stream.  This means that our Depo Nitrolase 250 could be one of the most potent muscle building supplements on the market.