New Supplements That Might Be On The Way To You

New supplements are hard to come by these days.  If you’re looking for something “new” to help you build muscle don’t hold your breath.  Ninety-nine percent of supplements that are introduced to the market as “new” are not.  These supplements are nothing more than simply relabeled ingredients.  The same old ingredients like BCAA’s, caffeine, CLA, whey protein concentrate, and more.  These ingredients that have been around for over 10, 20,  and 30 years and chances are you’ve used them before without results.   To make matter worse, most of the supplement companies that sell their products to online distributors like and Vitamin Shoppe do not invent any of their products.  These supplement companies rely on their contract manufacturers to make their products and formulas.  Periodically, a supplement company owner will give this formula to the contract manufacturer and the contract manufacturer will then make the product.   However, the ingredients in these supplements are not new and consist of ingredients that don’t work.

So how come we are not seeing any new supplements coming out in such a long time?  Because there is a serious lack of intelligence, skill, and ingenuity in the entire supplement industry.  Besides yours truly of course ;).  And what do I do to bring YOU new supplements to try?  I either try to invent them myself, like I did with my Oatmuscle, a natural follistatin egg yolk powder, and a whey protein with egg lecithin.  Or I find other companies that have invented new products and distribute them to you.  I’ve been doing this since I started is 1998.  I was the first company to sell Peptopro, Hydrolyzed Salmon Protein, Glutamine Peptides, bovine serum protein powder, and more.  To this day I continue to search for products that are newly invented, decide whether they can benefit muscle growth, and then attempt to distribute these products to you.

Here are some ingredients that I have been researching lately that I may or may not make into a product for you to buy.  I think you’ll find these interesting so I decided to share them with you.

Appetite Suppressant. 

DNF-10.  This ingredient has been newly invented from brewers yeast.  Protein peptides are isolated.  The peptides have the ability to suppress the appetite.  Appetite suppressants are a great tool to help you lose weight being that reducing your calories is the ONLY way to effectively reduce body fat.

Extended Release Caffeine

zumXR is a new type of caffeine in which the company that manufactures it states that it is time released as opposed to regular caffeine.   Even though I am not a fan of caffeine use for bodybuilding, this can be useful for athletic performance.


Groplex is a protein blend of hydrolyzed whey protein and casein that when consumed, spikes one’s insulin level pretty much right after consumption.  Insulin is a very anabolic hormone.  This is one of my favorite new protein powders that I came across.  It is being sold by only a couple of large companies right now.  But most likely, they are combining it with regular protein powders and nullifying the effects.  A typical tactic by supplement companies to cut products costs but continue to use the marketing power.   I hopefully plan to pick this up and have it ready for sale in 2019.  The idea would be to combine with is products like creapure.


Caviar Protein Peptide Tablets

A company from Norway is producing protein tablets that are made of hydrolyzed caviar protein powder.  You would use these tablets pre workout.  The only draw back is that the tablets provide little protein.

Not so new but making a comeback Whey Light

I used to carry a protein powder called Whey Light.  It was a hydrolyzed whey protein powder specifically made for weight loss.  In 2019 I will be selling this protein powder again.  Hopefully even before 2019.