News From The R & D Desk, & Much More

From the Research and Development Desk:

Creatine tablets are on the ocean and heading to Protein Factory headquarters!! 3 weeks give or take.

I am working on a new dietary fat for weight gain and calories. Why? well FAT is the best source of calories. But our choices are seed oils (flax, hemp, sunflower), vegetable oils, MCT (makes you poop), and that is about it. My oil that I am developing comes from NEITHER of those sources.

Creatine gummies. I’m helping my friend develop creatine gummies.

And Bio Serum 1.2 should be released fairly soon.


Last week I demonstrated how our creatine monohydrate comes from the United States and not China. Yes I know in the past I said only creatine comes from Creapure (Germany) or China, but times change. I am now offering an alternative to Creapure and it is creatine made in the United States.

Next, I showed a fat loss stack that a customer order and my general rule of thumb.

I demonstrated how Oat Muscle or Oatmixer pro (on Tiktok) mixes and look. I also demonstrated Mega Whey Protein.

And I had my wife do some protein recipes for us! Protein Coffee Recipe: •1/3 cup Wisconsin Whey •1 cup oat milk •1/2 water •2T instant coffee •Creamer, I used Trader Joe’s brown sugar oat milk creamer Mix milk & protein together. Mix water & coffee together. Pour both into a glass with ice. Add creamer on top. If you want to make it special, froth your creamer & add a sprinkle of brown sugar & cinnamon on top! #wheyprotein #proteinfactory @Faith Rogers ♬ original sound – Protein Factory This is a demonstration of our oat mixer pro. Great to know we protein powders like our Wisconsin wheat protein isolate. This will make you the perfect post workout recovery drink. #WayProtein #PostToWorkOut ♬ original sound – Protein Factory CHECK OUT this stack #fatburner ♬ original sound – Protein Factory Here is our creatine monohydrate made in the United States of America. Here are some tips to make creatine monohydrate work better, if you’re not seeing success. You can combine creatine monohydrate with raw, honey, alpha lipoic acid, and for HYDROLYZED whey protein, like our total fragmentation, 250. ##creatinemonohydrate ♬ original sound – Protein Factory This is our demonstration of our number one selling weigh protein powder. Mega weigh 10 pounds. It is 80% protein contains very little fat and lactose. It will provide 30 g of protein per serving or 60 g of protein per serving. It is a instantized. And mix is with a spoon. #tiktokshopblackfriday ♬ original sound – Protein Factory