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  • hydrolyzed salmon protein powder

    The New Super Protein | Hydrolyzed Salmon Protein Isolate

    A couple of days ago I talked about hydrolyzed salmon protein isolate and how in one study showed it to have a better biological value than hydrolyzed whey protein isolate.   Not only that but it has the FASTEST uptake of any protein to DATE!   This is big news…very big news if you are a believer […] More

  • hydrolyzed salmon protein powder

    Could This Be The Top Rated Protein Powder Of All Time?

    Many websites and self-proclaimed nutrition experts will give you their opinion of what they feel is the top rated protein powder.  But most of them are just trying to sell you something that they are making money on.  Not here, this is the best website to get information on protein powders and now I’m going […] More

  • best fish oil supplement 2018

    Top 6 List Of Who’s Has The Best Fish Oil Supplement 2018

    Fish oil supplements are very popular.  Almost as popular as whey protein powder.  Not only does the average joe healthy person use a lot of fish oil supplements, but fish oil has a ton of benefits for us muscle seekers and athletes. But you won’t see a fish oil supplement called, Fishandrol 500, or […] More

  • best nootropic supplement

    My Top 9 Best Nootropic Supplement Ingredients

    Here is a list I have put together of my top choices for the best nootropic supplement ingredients.  Pay attention to what I just said, because I did not say supplements.  I said ingredients.  Remember it is the ingredients that make up the supplement.  Once you find the ingredient or ingredients you like, you then […] More

  • in ,

    When It Comes To Sports Nutrition Supplements, How Come Porn Stars Sell More Than Nerds?

    I was answering a question about pre-workout supplements this morning via text message when someone told me they were taking one of those common pre-workout supplements you can buy form one of those common supplement sites.  You know, the one with the ridiculous marketing claims and 250 mg of caffeine or more.  I looked it up […] More

  • allulose

    A New Sweetener To Replace Stevia??

    A few months ago I talked about how you should get away from the idea that your protein shake should taste like a Milk Shake. But as I went down the roads of research I stumbled across a new sweetener invented in Japan. I’m getting samples in and I’ll let you know of my results. […] More

  • Creapure

    My 2018 Recommendation For Different Forms Of Creatine Monohydrate

    I consider creatine monohydrate a no-brainer when it comes to supplementation.  There are a ton of different forms of creatine. “Creatine has been manufactured in salt form: creatine pyruvate, creatine citrate, creatine malate, creatine phosphate, magnesium creatine,  Kre Alkalyn (creatine with baking soda). Creatine can also be manufactured in an ester form. Creatine ethyl ester […] More

  • in ,

    Caffeine Used In Fat Loss Supplements Is Very Bad

    The holy grail to any supplement company is finding a fat loss ingredient that actually works.  This actually happened years ago when ephedra was commonly used in fat loss supplements.  Even though the fat loss was not,t what I feel, “healthy” or “safe”, regardless people that used it lost weight.  And once other people found […] More

  • natural muscle building

    The 10 Best Protein Formulas To Increase Your Muscle Gains

    I like Instagram.  I was telling my kid the other day it is now officially better than TV if you want to laugh.  You can find hilarious meme’s all the time.  I don’t know how people do it, but it was like immediately after the Oscars aired on TV people were posting memes of Jennifer Garner.  […] More

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