Probiotics, How Much Protein Per Meal, & Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness

Jerry Brainum, whom I feel writes some of the best no fluff, cutting edge, honest information about muscle building and supplements has just updated his Applied Metabolic Website with the following articles.

Sodium Truths by Jerry Brainum

  Perhaps no nutrient is as misunderstood as sodium. If you played a word association game with any knowledgeable person and uttered the word “sodium,” the typical response would be “blood pressure.” Sodium is closely associated with the control of blood pressure in that an … [Read more…]

No Pain, No Gain: The Mystery of Delayed-Onset Muscle Soreness by Jerry Brainum

    You just can’t wait to get to the gym to try that new triceps workout that you viewed on YouTube. In the video, 7-time Mr.Olympia Phil Heath revealed his exclusive triceps routine, the one that help propel him to his Mr.Olympia victories. You figure that Phil should … [Read more…]

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