Protein Factory News: Greens Powders, Training, and More

R and D Desk

The only update this week is that I will be working on the new oil. If you have yet to read about it, click here.

Product Spotlight

Leucine peptides are one of my favorite products to use with a protein powder. Use 1-2 teaspoons with your protein powder to increase the overall leucine content.  Leucine helps increase muscle protein synthesis.

For example

1/3 cup of native whey protein concentrate

2 tsp of leucine peptides

Supplement Warning

Greens powders.  

I’m getting cookied out of the whazoon every time I am on the internet for greens powders. Here is the thing with greens powders. The most important thing to know is how the powder was dried. Nobody tells you this but me. You can find articles on the internet like this one, “6 Best Greens Powders Of 2023, According To Experts” Yea, I read that article and not one time did they mention the method of drying the greens into powders.  

Essentially you have numerous ways fruits and vegetable powders can be made. Spray-dried, air-dried, drum dried, freeze-dried, and infrared. The best, in my opinion, is infrared. Infrared is the best because it maintains most of the naturally occurring nutrients, somewhere like 85 to 90%. Freeze drying is close, but not that close. The other method is what the Chinese use. And most likely is what all of these greens powders and vegetable powders are made from. 

My recommendation.

If you want to use the best greens powder that is, you gotta use freeze-dried or infrared. The problem is the price. These powders are expensive and quite frankly I’ve never seen any available. My Blue Generator is $109.00 for 1 pound. It is infrared-dried. I found some freeze-dried greens powders on Amazon for about the same price. The only problem is they try to sell you 1/4 pound for $40.00 and tell you to use 5 grams. Dumb.

So what do you do if you want to use a greens powders. Well I sell one, that is made up of spray dried and drum dried greens. You can use that one if you wish.

Will Protein Factory ever have infrared greens?

Cool New Product

You might find it surprising that I recommend other companies products, but when I find something new and innovative, I don’t mind because it helps my readers.

Here is something that just came out and won some sort of nutrition business award. It is a gum that suppression one’s sugar cravings.  

In my opinion, I think sugar cravings are learned behavior. Once one starts eliminating sugar and sweeteners from their diet, the desires are no longer there. But in the meantime, if you have sugar cravings, this new gum will help.


I am still determining if the frequency of working out or the intensity during the workout is more important. However, I am leaning toward the frequency of days during the week, then the intensity of the training. 

That leads me to the question. What is the minimum number of days to train that results in progress? Here is my schedule.

Monday night ice hockey for about 90 minutes. Then Friday morning 90 minutes. This type of training is cardio health, strength, and short bouts of sprinting. Tuesday and Thursday, I train at the gym, which typically consists of weights and body weight movements. I train legs and one upper body part. My workout looks like this:

3 sets of dumbell bench press

3 sets of dips 

Lower Body (and pretty much varies every workout)


one legged dead lifts

one legged squats

Some sort of polymetric movement.


Research and Science

Another reason to use wild blueberries.

There is a company that is making protein from air. Yes, air. Just thought I would throw that one out there because it is pretty cool.  

Blast From the Past

Waxy Maize is a scam.

In my opinion, all these companies selling waxy maize are losers.