The following article is an in-depth analysis and expert review of the pre workout supplement called psychotic. Psychotic pre workout is a dietary supplement that is marketed to consumers to be used before one trains or works out. 

My name is Alex Rogers, and I am a dietary supplement expert with well over 20 years of experience. I have formulated, manufactured, distributed, and consulted in the sports nutrition dietary supplement industry since 1998. I also have experience with the FDA’s Code of Federal Regulations for Dietary Supplements 111’s. These are the regulations that dietary supplement companies need to abide by if they sell dietary supplements under their name brand.  

psychotic pre workout

Who Manufacturers Psychotic Pre workout

Insane Labz is the manufacturer of this pre workout supplement. Their websites list their address as 675 AR-43 E Harrison, AR 72601. I did a Google map search for this location, and it looks like to me from what I can see is that they are located in some huge building. If you also look at the search results, you will see that they have another name at that address called, Innovative Formulations. This is fine by me because sometimes companies can have different names. My official incorporated name is Theta Brothers Sports Nutrition Inc, but we do business as (DBA) Protein Factory.  

Ingredients Of Psychotic Pre Workout

Psychotic pre workout uses a proprietary blend called “psychotic blend”. Which right away throws up a red flag for me. I started Protein Factory because of proprietary blends. Although they are legal to use, the consumer does not know how much of each ingredient is being used in the proprietary blend. And in the case of psychotic pre workout I understand why they decided to use a propriatary blend. Let me explain.

psychotic pre workout ingredients
The proprietary blend is a negative, it is not 1995. Full disclosure is needed.

The serving size of this pre workout states 6 grams. The psychotic blend totals 4,459 mg or 4.450 grams.

The first ingredient is psychotic pre workout is beta-alanine. According to most studies, 3.2 grams of beta-alanine is needed to produce a noticeable benefit. The next ingredient listed is creatine monohydrate. One must take at least 3 grams of creatine to see results. Add the beta-alanine and the creatine together, and you get 6.2 grams, which equals MORE than the psychotic blend’s total of 4.4 grams. In addition, it contains about six more ingredients. Thus it would be far to allege that the beta-alanine or the creatine is underdosed. One cant put 2 gallons of water in a 1-gallon jug.  

How much caffeine is in Psychotic Pre Workout?

Next is the stimulant, which most all mass market-based pre workouts contain. The stimulant ingredient used in this pre workout is caffeine. However, because it is listed on the supplement facts panel under the proprietary formula, one does not know how much caffeine is actually in the product, which I don’t like at all.  

The following two ingredients that I will be mentioning lead me to find out who really owns Insane Labz, and that is a company called Lecheek Nutrition. I saw that the ingredients Ampiberry and Oxygold are trademarks of Lecheek Nutrition, so I Google that and found that they had the same address as Insane Labz. Then I found more information about Lecheek Nutrition, and it turns out they own over 30 brands, according to

Final Answer

My biggest issue with psychotic pre workout is the proprietary blend. Proprietary blends were acceptable in the ’90s, but it’s 2021; full disclosure is needed when selling supplements. Consumers need to know how much exactly of each ingredient they are getting. With psychotic pre workout, one has no idea how much of each ingredient they are getting. And worse than that, something is underdosed in the product, either the creatine or the beta-alanine. Not only that but it contains artificial ingredients, which is a negative as well in my opinion. With the 1,000 other pre workout supplements you can buy, one should get one that is sold without a proprietary blend attached to it. In addition, my recommendation is to purchase SINGLE ingredients. For example, if one wants creatine, simply but creatine by itself. If one wants beta-alanine, just buy beta-alanine by itself. This way, you can be sure you are getting what you want. 

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