The following is my expert review and analysis of the pre workout dietary supplement BAMF. My name is Alex Rogers, and I am a dietary supplement expert. I have been manufacturing and formulating nutritional supplements with a focus on sports nutrition since 1998. I am well versed in the FDA’s Code of Federal Regulations 111’s for dietary supplements.

What Is BAMF Pre Workout 

Bamf pre workout is a dietary supplement that is marketed to be used before one exercises or takes part in physical activity, such as bodybuilding.  

Who Manufacturers BAMF Pre Workout

Bamf pre workout is made by a company called Bucked Up. According to their website, they are located in Utah. Reviewing their location on Google maps, the name of the company is Bucked Up by DAS Labs. That confuses me, so further investigation is needed.  


Bamf pre workout comes in 2 different varieties from what I can see on the website, Bamf and Bamf Black.

The difference between the two is that black contains a humic fulvic mineral complex. That seems to be the only difference. 

What Is Inside

The main ingredient in Bamf pre workout is citrulline malate. Citrulline malate is proven to be a decent pre workout ingredient to use. It will support a user’s pump. Bamf pre workout uses about 6,000 mg, which is the correct dosage to use for the desired effect.  

The next main ingredient in this supplement is beta-alanine. There is 3,200 mg of beta-alanine in the supplement, which is the correct dosage to use. However, the only problem I have with the beta-alanine is if they are using Carnosyn or not. I would think that if they were using Carnosyn that they would have it listed on the bottle, but I don’t see it. So I would allege that they are using cheap Chinese beta-alanine, which I am not a fan of.  

The next ingredient is caffeine. Bamf contains a massive 333mg of caffeine per serving, which is average compared to most hardcore pre workout supplements that are being sold today. I wrote an article in 2020 about the most hardcore pre workout supplements available, and most contain this amount or more!  

Bamf pre workout
Bamf pre workout supplement facts panel of one of their flavors

After that, Bamf contains about eight other ingredients, which puts this product almost in the kitchen-sink supplement category, the kitchen sink category means that the supplement is just loaded with as many ingredients as possible to make the label look good. Bamf contains deer velvet extract, which in my opinion is worthless junk, and Himilayan rock salt, which is useless to put in the product as well. They put two branded ingredients in the product called Astragin and Actagin, which both are impressive studies supporting ergogenic benefits.  

The only difference between Bamf regular and Bamf Black is the fulvic/Humic acid blend. And quite honestly, the only reason I think they used it was the make the liquid turn black when it hits the water.  

Bamf Pre Workout Side Effects

The only side effect from Bamf one would probably get is from the high dose of caffeine. 333mg of caffeine is equal to about 4 cups of coffee. If one does not consume coffee on the regular, they will surely experience shaking, nervousness, and irritability.   

Counteracting ingredients

One big mistake that supplement companies make when formulating pre workout supplements is that they combine caffeine, which is a vasoconstrictor, with ingredients meant to do the opposite, increase blood flow. Bamf pre workout does this as well, unfortunately. If one wants to improve their pump when they exercise with resistance weights, they should not consume caffeine. Therefore the counteracting ingredients are the citrulline malate, which is meant to enhance the “pump,” and caffeine, which is anti-pump. 

Overall assessment and opinion 

Overall, in my opinion, Bamf is an average pre workout supplement. The pros are that it contains the correct dosages of citrulline malate and beta-alanine. The cons are that it includes a dose of caffeine which I feel is too high, uses counteracting ingredients, and contains artificial ingredients and artificial colors in some of their products, depending on what flavor it is. Instead, it would be much more beneficial to buy the ingredients in Bamf separately. This way, you know you’re getting the correct dosage, high-quality ingredients, and one will not be using counteracting ingredients. It is very easy to buy citrulline malate, Carnosyn, and caffeine by themselves. One does not need to buy them in a combined formula, like Bamf. 

Bamf pre workout

My recommendation for pre workout supplementation is as follows.

For a better pump, nothing beats Tectanic Red

For Energy, our DAM’D with D-Ribose.

And if one wants the caffeine buzz, just drink an energy drink like Monster.

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