Purple Sweet Potato Powder To Get A Better Body

Carolina Muscle Purple Sweet Potato Powder Now In Stock!

One of my favorite carb powders is back. But this time, I upgraded it. My new purple sweet potato powder is the perfect carb to use post workout to give yourself energy for recovery and anti-oxidants. You can also use it for weight loss as this product is very, very low in carbs.

A few years back, I was the first sports nutrition company to use sweet potato powder in my product line up. And many companies realized what a great idea this was and copied me. They know who the real innovators are in the sports nutrition industry. After that sweet potato powder became a huge success as more and more people started to realize how great this powder actually works when you start using it. Due to the huge demand, my source in North Carolina dried up and I could not get any more and all that was available was stuff from China. I refused to buy from China. However other companies could care less.

But now, my source in North Carolina is back and better. Instead of using regular sweet potato powder, I’m offering you PURPLE sweet potato powder. Higher in quality because it contains less sugar.

Use this powder if you’re working out, cross fit, athletics, or trying to build muscle or lose weight. It is the perfect carb powder.

I made some videos on how to use sweet potato powder…check them out.