Sofia Jamora is a fashion model.  I would not describe her as a fitness model like Sandra Prikker, but nonetheless, she is in incredible shape.  She can be found on Instagram and she currently has 2.4 million followers.  We believe she is from Los Angles.  Sofia Jamora was born in May of 1997.  She has the following measurements:

Vital Stats

Breast Size:  32 inches

Waist Size:  24 inches

Hip Size:  37 inches

Weight:  115 lbs

Height:  5 foot 7 inches

Sofia Jamora does not have a Youtube Chanel but you can easily find her videos.

One time she did a question and answer video with the company Pretty Little Things and here are her answers:

How did you get into modeling?

Sophia Jamora went the high school prom and was shopping that day after and the owner came up to her and asked her to model for them.  She said yes, and then that was how she started modeling.  Sofia started to get famous from Instagram and that is where met with an agency and that is how it started.

Are there negatives to modeling?

It’a lot of pressure with social media and body image.  People can be cruel on the internet.   Plastic surgury and rumors about her spread a lot, but you have to keep yourself together and stay grounded.

Sofia Jamora’s  \favorite emjoi is the guy with the kissy face.

If she could go anywhere in the world it would be Tokyo.

sofia jamora

How do you handle negativity?

You have to remember who you are where you came from and you know the truth at the end of the day and what people think of you does not matter.

Have you always been sassy?

Yes, I have always been sassy and not really super confident.  I have always just loved myself.  The way I liked it, like my hair and makeup.

Do you have tips on being self-confident?

There is only 1 of you and you are always different.  That is so special.  Embrace what you have and what you were given.  Like your hair, make up etc.  That is how you build confidence.

Do you take inspiration from any other models?

Yes, I look up to the 90’s models.  Like Naomi and Sophia Lauren.  Sophie was healthy and fuller.  She has beaqautul eyes.

What is they best part about your job?

The free stuff, the clothes the makeup and the gifting.  Once I got a birthday cake for free.  This guy delivered a big cake to me and it was awesome.  I love to meet the people.  You meet all people all over the world.  I never knew what Manchester England was until I started to model.

What is your proudest moment?

A hair campaign, through Instagram.  I went to Paris from a company I meant on Instagram.

Sophia Jamora is a spokesperson for Pretty Little Things clothing website.  One of her favorite shoots was a pink beach in Mexico.

What tips do you have for the perfect selfie?

The camera should be eye level and have the best lighting.  You can hold down the iPhone for the sun.  The lighting is very important.

One time she went on Instagram to tell everyone that she did not have plastic surgery.  Sofia Jamora said she is 100% natural.