Supplement Company Throw-Down Challenge!

Ok I woke this morning to see in my Facebook feed some supplement company ripping off my idea about how to market their supplements.


Now I’m pissed!  Some supplement company pretty much copied what I am saying & pasted some of my text as well.  Let me make one thing clear to all these supplement companies out there.

  1. If your name is on the supplement label you are ultimately responsible to follow the Code of Federal RegulationsClick To Tweet 111’s for dietary supplements.
  2. You are not EXEMPT because you do not actually physically mix and package YOUR product!

I am upping the bar to the entire supplement industry and challenging them to meet my quality control operations.  And if you can’t shut the hell up and stop pretending that you sell high quality supplements when mean while you are in violation of federal regulations.

And for the CONSUMERS of dietary supplements.

  1. Stop buying from supplement companies that are NOT registered with the FDA.  This is means they are violating the laws.  And it also means most likely they are not following any quality control procedures.  The quality control procedure must be PHYSICALLY done.
  2. Start asking for the FDA registration number from supplement companies BEFORE you buy.
  3. Stop being fooled by terms like GMP manufacturing and FDA inspected.
  4. Start realizing that juiced up bodybuilder are didn’t get like that from using the supplements that they promote.