Supplement Tidbits

Supplement tidbits are blog posts I write that contains information about supplements and related that I think you’ll find interesting. Not detailed enough for a single blog post, but worth posting online. Enjoy!

New Study: Whey Protein Helps With Weight Loss, Hydrolyzed Collagen Does Not

Well duh? A new study just published supports whey instead of collagen for weight loss. Hydrolyzed collagen is the most recent resurrected fad supplement. Supplement companies selling it resurrected it because the profit margins are HUGE!

I wrote about hydrolyzed collagen previously. Never use this garbage. A study was just published in September in which the authors recommended not using hydrolyzed collagen for weight loss.

They did come to the conclusion that whey protein will help with weight loss. In my opinion, whey protein may help in some aspects with weight loss, but you’d be better off using slower releasing proteins like casein or Muscle Shake. Whey protein will increase insulin levels which does not help the cause for weight loss. The only time I recommend using whey protein for weight loss is if one using my Lean Pro Peptides, which has been proven to help with weight loss.

ideal protein for weight loss
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Bio Serum Update

Bio Serum was discontinued a few months ago by my United States manufacturer. Needless to say it lasted about 20 years. Not a bad run. I am currently working with another company located outside the US to import the product. They need FDA approval for importation, so we shall see what happens.

Ginger Is Awesome: Prostate Protection, More Testosterone, & Less Fat

I love to add ginger to my protein drinks. Most of the time I”ll just juice it right into my protein. It adds a nice spice that I like. Ginger has some awesome health benefits and if you are not using it, you consider starting too.

Capsimax is a great supplement to speed up your metabolism. If you take this product you’ll simply burn more calories than you normally would. However, if you stack ginger with Capsimax it might just have a synergistic effect.

Check out this study as it relates to enhanced thermogenesis and reduced feelings of hunger.

Not only that but ginger is a great supplement for men in general. I found some great studies on ginger.

This study is kinda a far stretch but ginger extract increased testosterone levels in animals.

Use Ginger If You are Getting Older Or Taking SARMs or Steroids

Ginger will help kill cancer cells of the prostate according to this study. That alone is enough reason for me to take the stuff.

Now the question remains, which BRAND do you get? Gingever is what to look for. Here it is.

ginger extract supplement gingever

Protein Cereal Coupon Codes

I recommend Magic Spoon Protein Cereal last week. Here is some coupon codes for $5.00 off. Keep in mind they are are only probably available for one-time use, so the first person to use it gets it. And no, I don’t have more so please do not ask. And if it does not work, please do not email me asking me why I have no clue.






GNC might be bought by the Chinese

A lot of retail brick and mortar stores are struggling because of online shopping. GNC is one of those retails stores that are hurting. A Chinese company is coming along and might them out. GNC is a public company.

New Supplement, well not really….

You are probably going to see a new supplement hit the shelves pretty soon. Well, it is not news but a new combination of old supplements made into one supplement. A large supplement manufacturer, not a supplement company, make sure you know the difference just came out with something called MuscleGuard. It a patent-pending formula of Carnipure, creatine, leucine, and Vitamin D. Nothing new really just a new stack. But I’m sure you’ll see supplement companies marketing it as the next best thing since the discovery of fire.

New Podcast On Male Enhancement Supplements

I just did a new podcast on Male Performance Enhancement Supplements. Normally this is something I don’t really talk about because a supplement won’t make your dick bigger. But I get a ton of internet traffic from people searching for male supplements, so I wanted to get out the truth.

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