Top 6 List Of Who’s Has The Best Fish Oil Supplement 2018

Fish oil supplements are very popular.  Almost as popular as whey protein powder.  Not only does the average joe healthy person use a lot of fish oil supplements, but fish oil has a ton of benefits for us muscle seekers and athletes.

But you won’t see a fish oil supplement called, Fishandrol 500, or Fishtosterone 250, or how about Nemotestolone 1000??  These names WOULD appeal to the crowd over at, but instead, us anabolic wanna a be’s that actually have a brain need to look elsewhere for the best fish oil supplements.  Drum roll please…here I come to the rescue.  I’m going to help you find the best fish oil supplements.  Because if you have a crowded supplement space, like the omega 3 fatty acid space, you are going to have a bunch of people out there trying to make a fast buck selling low-quality fish oil supplements at a high price.  My job is to tell YOU who has the best fish oil supplements out there.  Let’s get to it, shall we?

Keep in mind that when I give you this list most of the time I will give you the ingredient first and then the supplement company that sells it.  Remember, that 99% of supplement companies do NOT make their own supplements, they simply use a contract packager, whom makes the supplement and most of the time the contract packager is deciding on the ingredients that he buys for that particular supplement.  And as you can guess, these contract packagers could care less about quality ingredients and more about larger profit margins.

UPDATE:  12/30/21

Our Caldrol 500 is not the top ranked fish oil supplement.


The Top 6 List Of The Best Fish Oil Supplements 2018

  1.  Superba Krill Oil.  I know this is not exactly fish oil, but it fits into the same category providing omega 3 fatty acids, which is what people are looking for.  According to Aker Biomarine, the company that makes this Superba Krill Oil, krill oil is superior to conventional fish oil in many ways.

You can easily find Superba Krill Oil on

2.  Omegavie is a fish oil ingredient made by a French company called Polaris.  They claim to have some patents on the manufacturing of fish oil supplement ingredients.  I could not find any US companies selling their product.  I only found this one particular site selling it.

3.  Almega Omega PL.  This is not a fish oil supplement, but I’m putting it on my list of the Top 6 Best Fish Oil Supplements in 2018, because it is a super cool product that is made from algae.  According to the companies website, this product is the most bioavailable form of omega 3 you can get, even better than krill oil.  Almega PL is also similar to krill oil as the omega 3 are bound with polar-lipids (phospholipids and glycolipids) – providing the benefits of EPA with superior absorption.   Additionally, AlmegaPL® has naturally occurring nutrients such as carotenoids, Omega-7, and Chlorophyll, all powerful compounds providing plenty of health benefits.  The company that makes it is called Qualitas Health.   I really like this product and you can buy it from

4.  Alaskomega.  If you are looking for the FRESHEST fish oil on the market than this is it.  There is an industry standard to measure the freshness of a fish oil capsules.  According to Alaskomega, they have the freshest when their fish oil capsules were measure against most others.   Similar to Almega, I was only able to find ONE company selling this ingredient in their fish oil supplement.  Therefore it makes my list of the Top 6 Best Fish Oil Supplements 2018.  Great product if you just want the best fish oil supplement

best fish oil supplement 2018


5.  Romega.  The company that makes this product claims it has the highest DHA level of any fish oil supplement out there.  It actually comes from herring oil, which is pretty cool.  Thus if you want the most concentrated fish oil supplement you can buy than this product may be it.

6.  Algisys.  This is a new technology to make EPA oil.  From what I can tell it is not commercially available yet, but should be soon.  They have patented the process, so it is only a matter of time before you can get it on the commercial level.

There you have it.  These are the best fish oil supplements on the market.  Keep in mind that the fish oil and the EPA/DHA supplement category is a 32 billion dollar industry.  China is pumping, and I mean PUMPING omega 3 gel capsules into this country faster than can imagine.  I would definitely NOT buy any fish oil that did not have one of the branded or trademark names that I have mentioned above.  If you do buy those bulk fish oil gels, most likely, you will not be getting fresh fish oil.   Saving $10 to $20 bucks on a fish oil supplement is just not worth it.  I have read in the past that old, oxidated fish oil is not healthy for you at all.

So you may want to add some fish oil supplements into you supplement regime, because we do have some studies showing how they could help with muscle building and increasing muscle protein synthesis.