The Reason a President Answers the Phone

Tim Cook, Apple CEO

Mark Zuckerberg, facebook

Elon Musk, Tesla

Jeff Bezos, Amazon

These are all the CEO’s of companies. Obviously you know these guys; these CEO’s take pride in their companies. However the same cannot be said for CEO’s of some of the major supplement companies.

And there is a reason for that…. it could be their conscious.

You see, the supplement industry right now is in shambles because of the protein spiking scam carried out by numerous supplement brands. The protein spiking epidemic should have been a big flashing alarm bell to all supplement users and protein users that the so-called sports nutrition industries top companies are ran by sleaze balls & con artists.

However it is not happening.

The sports nutrition industry is somehow getting this topic pushed under the rug, slowly but surely. One of the biggest, which Arnold Schwarzenegger is involved in, just got hit with a class action lawsuit for allegedly protein spiking. And here is what I don’t get…

Why isn’t anyone from this company making a statement?

Why are online stores still selling this crap?

When are the retailers going to stand up and get together and stop buying spiked protein and supporting companies that manufacturer spiked protein?

Where is the integrity in this industry?

I’ve said this numerous times to my customers and I’ll say it now again…I’m embarrassed and ashamed that I am associated with the sports nutrition industry.

When I scroll through the internet looking at various supplement companies from the large ones to the pop up overnight ones all I see are scams. I can see the scams because I’m a supplement expert and know what to look for. But for the average person that just wants to buy a lousy supplement or protein powder to help him gain some muscle, they have no clue what they are buying.

Hopefully if you’re a customer or reader of my information you do not fall into this category. Hopefully I taught you how to spot a bogus supplement. Maybe in the past you got to talk to me about supplementation and use of protein.

And that is the important part and what I feel I do better than any owner or CEO of any supplement company.

You are able to talk to me.

Weird right?

You can call our phone number, 800-343-1803 and literally talk to me.

Some people will call and pick up the phone and say, “Alex, why are you answering the phone?” And I find that funny really. Why wouldn’t I want to answer the phone and talk to my customers and help them purchase my products?

I need to help my customers BELIEVE in my products and help them trust that they will be the best to help you gain muscle. If I was the potential customer I would want to talk to the owner of a supplement company.

It is my #1 priority to talk to my customers.

My customers come first. They come before anything I do. My father, Alex Rogers Sr, taught me that over 35 years ago when I was working at his Pet Store. The customer comes before everything!

I will get on the phone with anyone and talk to them about supplementation, protein, working out, dieting or anything else they wish to talk about. No, I don’t feel it’s weird to pick up my phone when it rings and answer it to help my customers.

What am I supposed to pretend I’m in some busy meeting with my science and research team discussing how I’m creating the next great supplement?

This is the bullshit other supplement companies want you to think. To pretend they actually have something to do with the science and research that goes into making a supplement.

However that can be further from the truth. I’ll save that for another article. But for now….

Why is it that it seems I’m the only owner of a supplement company that is willing to do this? Can you call up the owner of MusclePharm and ask him about protein spiking? Yeah good luck with that. Why is that? Why does it seem like these CEO’s are hiding or hiding something? You can make your own conclusions.

But I am an open book when it comes to my supplements and I can answer any question you have for me. And that is what I feel is the best way to trust my company and the supplements I sell. Get a hold of me one way or another.

Recently I just implemented Face book Messenger and Snapchat, the two most popular mobile messaging apps.

Here is the link:

If you have any questions about my company, my supplements, or anything else, simply go to my site and click on live chat. It goes directly to my cell phone.

I only have one cell phone that I carry and that’s it. That line is always available to you 🙂

Your Friend,

Alex Rogers,

Snap Chat: Proteinfactory