Vegetable Proteins Won’t Help You Grow Muscle, But If You Insist Here Is The One You Should Get

Ok, so you cant have dairy proteins like whey, casein, and milk.  And you can’t have egg protein.  And you’re a vegan so you can’t have beef protein.  What kind of protein can you have?  Vegetable protein?  Hmmm…. maybe, but I hate to say it, vegetable proteins are not as good as dairy, or beef proteins.   I know a lot of vegetable protein companies like to tout their vegan proteins as being as good as dairy, egg, & beef but they are not.  If you want to grow muscle and you’re a vegan I can tell you right now you’re going to have a tough time.  You’re really going to need to increase your calories and increase your testosterone level.  But let me give you my opinion of what vegan protein you should be consuming if you must have one.

Pea Protein. [clickToTweet tweet=”Pea protein seems to have the most potential behind it. Find Pea Protein made in Canada” quote=”Pea protein seems to have the most potential behind it. If you can find a 100% pea protein made in Canada, that is the one you want.”]  You gotta be careful though because after that idiot Dr.Oz told everyone to be eating pea protein that shit skyrocketed in demand.  Once that happens, the Chinese start pumping shitty pea protein into this country, and sleezeball pea protein sellers than sell it to you.  A company called Norben makes a good pea protein.  They are from Canada.  So before you buy a pea protein make sure it comes from this company.