Here’s How You Make & Use Protein Powders That Crush The Competition

I thought I would show everyone with a video, what I do with my protein shakes in order to shed some fat to get more striations in my shoulders, tri’s, and pretty much try to get more ripped.  I am an ACTUAL user of my products.  I do not take steroids and then insinuate that the supplements that I sell cause the gains I get from my use of anabolic steroids.  A lot of supplement company’s and supplement retailers are owned by guys that take boatloads of steroids and then videotape themselves all juiced up to the max while pushing their supplements.  I feel this is deceptive advertising.  It would be like If I sold baseball bats and it my advertising I was just blasting home runs left and right.  I’m insinuating that the bat is making me hit home run’s.  Well the same thing goes for supplement companies who’s owners take anabolic steroids.  No difference.  I’m 100% natural.  I’m 44 and feel I’m in good shape.  Could I be more ripped and bigger?  Sure I could, but a) I refuse to take steroids  b) I can’t train everyday like I was 23  c) I like to do other things besides, lift.  But regardless, the use of my supplements keeps me pretty ripped and strong.

Last Friday I went to the gym and came back and made a protein shake using two of my lowest molecular weight protein powders that I have,  Peptopro and Silk Cocoon Liquid.  The two proteins are very high-quality powders.  They are digested rapidly to give the body amino acids to help with recovery and help support muscle protein synthesis.  If you are an average Joe, you simply drink some whey protein concentrate and call it a day.  However, if you’re the owner of the greatest protein company to ever live….you drink the greatest protein powders on the planet.  AND, if you are a customer of mine you, and don’t want to be an average Joe, you drink Peptopro and Silk Cocoon protein powder.  Therefore when I go to the gym and come back to the office, I bust open my protein powders.

I typically will try to hit the gym a few days a week.  I work out for about 30 minutes.  I go hard and fast.  I feel if you are working out for more than 45 minutes than you are not working out hard enough.  I swear I will bust out like 15 to 20 sets and 4 different exercises and I see guys on the same piece of equipment the whole time I am there.  If you want to be ripped and continue to make gains you have to push yourself and do different things.  I give props to ANYONE that is in the gym, however, the biggest thing is actually trying hard.  Trying hard, cannot be taught, it needs to be learned.  I tell my kid all the time you have to push through the burn.  One of the best exercises for this is side dumbells raises for shoulders.  Keep your arms straight, grab 5 to 10lbs dumbells and do as many as you can while your shoulders are on fire.  Eventually, you simply feel like your shoulders are going to fall off and you need to stop, but it is a good exercise to “fight the burn”.

You’ll see in this video that I take about 3 tbs of Peptopro and pour in the Silk Cocoon liquid protein.  The flavoring kills the bitterness of the Peptopro and creates a nice easy to drink protein shake.  I get about 20 grams of protein peptide form.


In conclusion, taking supplements and being natural will help you look like a guy like myself.  These are sustainable gains, unlike anabolic steroid gains, that will literally disappear after you STOP using steroids.   If you buy and use high-quality supplements, you’ll be healthy as well, which is what I feel is even more important than having decent muscle mass.  Muscle mass is useless if you’re dead and buried.   Do not be fooled into thinking that taking supplements will make you look like these guys that take anabolic steroids and own supplement companies.  Most of them will never admit they take steroids and will never admit it is deceptive marketing.