Why Should You Buy Protein From Us?

I have always told everyone that I have the best protein powder on the planet and that you should not buy protein from anywhere else.  I feel that this is not even an opinion but a fact.  It is a fact because I’m going to lay out why we are simply better than all the rest.

You see if you go over to bodybuilding.com and look at the best selling protein powders you’ll see a whole big list.  The #1 selling protein powder is Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey.  This whey protein is NOT a protein supplement, it is a food product.  Which means it goes through MUCH less quality testing then protein supplements, which is what I sell.  If you want to read more about that subject just click here.

After Optimum Nutrition whey food comes Cellucor’s whey food.  .  Now Cellucor is also labeled a “food”product.  But after going to their website they seem a little confused.  Why are they confused?  Well because if you go to their whey protein page you’ll see their “Nutrition Facts” listed but right above that will be the words “Supplement Facts”.  So this company has no clue whether they are selling a protein supplement or a whey protein food.  According to the FDA they would be selling a whey protein food because their product is listed with a Nutrition Facts panel and not a supplement facts panel.

Not only that but they use the old “Whey protein isolate whey protein concentrate blend”  which is another word for, “its all whey protein concentrate”.

Ok so the first two best selling products that people are buying are FOOD products, not protein supplements.  Making them far less subjected to quality tests such as strength, composition, and identity.

The third best selling protein powder is Muscle Techs phase 8.  They claim it “feeds” your body amino acids for 8 hours.  Uh yea, something tells me that if I only ate every 8 hours I’d wither away to 150lbs!  But anyway, this is the third best selling protein supplement and it has a few things wrong with it.  First is the label.  If you’re a supplement company and you call your product a protein supplement you are not allowed by law to list “ZERO” in the supplement facts panel.  (According the FDA’s C.F.R. 111’s)  And this product clearly does.  Secondly they use two amino acids that are known for protein spiking.  PROTEIN SPIKING!!! WTF is that you say.  Well recently it has been found that protein spiking is going on in the sports nutrition industry. Surprise, surprise right??  Well here is an article I found recently that talks about protein spiking.

Protein Spiking Scam

Looking at the supplement facts panel you can see that this protein supplement contains taurine and glycine.

Hmmm, not looking to good so far.  The top three protein powders are very LAME!!

After that is MusclePharms combat powder.  Again Protein spiking according to the article above.  Oh yea and they claim 8 hours as well.  Jeez this 8 hour things is really popular.

Keep going a little further and you have Dymatize, which says its a hydrolyzed whey protein.  However you can’t tell what the Molecular weight average is thus you have no clue what you are actually buying.

After that is JYM.  I think that is a funny name but whatever.  Let’s take a look at their protein supplements.  Again they list zero in the supplement facts panel which is against FDA regulations.  Their website also states this.
….”the most trusted brand in the history of supplements”.  Really???  Unfortunately, I would have to disagree.  They make a good “college” try though.  They try to give you each protein in grams, but unfortunately, it doesn’t mean jack shit.

Now for our protein powders.  Check out this article that I wrote that lists what the best ones are and why.

New Podcast On The Best Proteins In The World For 2019.

As you can see the most popular selling protein powders (food or supplements) we beat hands down.  The ones I mentioned either are misbranded, food products, contain amino acids, not enough information, and of course, do not have any 3rd party lab tests.  Do not be fooled by the popularity of these proteins and the companies that sell them.  Retailers need to make money and they need to sell protein powders.  Of course, they are going to tell you that are the best and the quality is unbeatable.