9 Weird But Powerful Muscle Building Supplements That You’ve Never Heard Of & Should Be Using

Let me give you 9 muscle building supplements that you probably are not using right now but should definitely be. In today’s supplement world everyone continues to buy the same thing time and time again.  Most likely you are either buying protein powder, some form of BCAA’s, a pre-workout, some sort of fat burner and possibly a multi-vitamin.  How long have you been doing this?  A long time I bet.  When was the last time you tried something different?  And by different I’m not talking about a new fat burner or a different version of a protein powder.  I am also not talking about just trying a different BRAND of supplement.  For example, trying Met-Rx’s protein powder instead of MuscleTech’s protein powder.  I’m talking about something totally outside of the book.  To do this, you need to read the back of the label where the ingredients are of the supplement you are looking at.   If you are a reader of my blog, you’ll know that you need to read the ingredients carefully and go way beyond that when it comes to buying supplements.  Only newbie supplement users buy products just by looking at the front of the label or what the guy at GNC recommends.  OR if you do not want to do that, you can just rely on an expert like myself to give you…

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These supplements most likely you’ll have a very hard time finding.  I’ll see if I can help you find some, but do not expect to find them in GNC or Bodybuilding.com.  They are not going to have them.

Let’s Begin….

9 Muscle Building Supplements

9.  Silk Worm Protein Powder.  This product does have some ergogenic research behind it.  Yes, you can buy silkworm protein powder from a company that makes it in South Korea.  I have tried it before.  It has a very funky taste.  But is it good?  Yes, it is good.  It has a very low molecular weight average.  Less than Peptopro believe it or not.  Thus, it would be perfect for pre and post workout.  It will get into your system very quickly creating an anabolic effect.  It does contain all the amino acids you need.  The downside.  Because it is an insect product the FDA would consider this a biological product and supplement companies would have a very hard time getting it through FDA customs.  I would like to see them test the biological value of this product to determine its true potential.

8.  Cricket Protein Powder.  To continue with insects, there are a couple of companies that make cricket protein powder.  I have tried it, and again it kind of has a nutty taste.  Not as bad as the silkworm, just a little stronger.  I would like to see them test the biological value of this protein powder to see how it compares to proteins such as whey and egg.  Here is the only brand I recommend getting if you want to try it.  It is made in the US, and I know the guy that makes it.  Why should you try it?  Try it if you are allergic to whey and egg.  Or if you are one of those “natural, wilderness types of people”.  Or maybe if you want to try out for that TV show “Naked & Afraid”.

7. Humifulvate Powder.  This is a really cool powder from Hungary.  It only comes from here from a unique peat deposit in the Lake Balaton Valley, near Hungary’s largest lake.  This is a strong anti-catabolic supplement.  Not only that but it is really, really healthy for you. Here is the only company that sells it.  This is a great muscle building supplements.

6.  Fertile Egg Yolk Powder.  I am a big believer in this product.  Fertile egg yolk DOES indeed contain follistatin, which reduces myostatin.   Do not expect to gain huge amounts of muscle by using this product.  Instead, it is a very anti-catabolic product.  Meaning you would use this when you are trying to lose weight and do not want to lose any muscle mass.  If you own a farm you’re in luck, just make sure the eggs are fertile.  If you want to buy fertile egg yolk powder you can.  This product is really awesome because of a few reasons.  1. I know where it is made.  2.  I know the company that makes it.  3.  It does contain follistatin.  4.  this product is patented.  5.  It is the ONLY powder in the world to contain follistatin naturally.

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5.  Quail Egg Powder.  Sticking with eggs.  Quail eggs are jammed packed with nutrition.  One of the most potent nutrient-rich foods you can eat.  You can find them sometimes in the grocery store, if not just keep looking.  Believe it or not, there is a company in France that made it into a powder.   Check them out here

4.  Continuing with the egg theme.  IGY powder.  This powder is very cool.  You see I like products that are original and unique.  And this is a one of a kind supplement.  You can read more about it here.  You would use this for post workout recovery.  Very powerful and great for the immune system as well.  Here is the brand to get.

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3.  Onion Liquid.  Testosterone is the king of muscle builders, so I would only make sense to find a product that increases testosterone and add it to my 9 best muscle building supplements.  Well, Onion juice can do just that.  Check out this study.   Good luck trying to find it. I have no reliable source but just to use a plain old juicer.

2.  Ursolic Acid.  Ursolic Acid may be an anabolic agent.  Check out the study.  You might have heard of this one before.  But it can come from a couple of sources, one from apple peels the other from rosemary extract.  I researched this years ago and found a company that gets their ursolic acid from apple peels.  All the other ursolic acid products you can buy today get their ursolic acid from rosemary, which most likely is from China, thus it is synthetic.  Very bad.   Why?  Because it does not work.  It is garbage.  So what happens is that supplement companies that want to sell you an ursolic acid supplement do not do any research whatsoever.  They simply call up their contract packager and ask them to make them an ursolic acid supplement.  The contract packager has no clue about quality and he simply calls up his Chinese ingredient supplier and gets his ursolic acid powder from cheap rosemary extract laced with synthetic ursolic acid as well.  Then the supplement company puts their label on it and sells it to you.  You try it and of course the results are disappointing.  Why?  Because the ursolic acid is super low quality.  If you want to try ursolic acid, you must get it from apple peels.  I have no clue where you can buy it.  I do know where to get it, but no clue how you can buy it, sorry.

1.  Betator.  This supplement actually won an award from the ingredient industry.  So that means something to me.  In addition, it has some cool research and science behind it, so it deserves to be recognized over all the krap supplements out there.  Betator (HMB free acid) is HMB in its free acid gel/liquid form.  BetaTOR is more rapidly absorbed, so you get a higher peak and sustained concentration in the blood.  Now I know what you are saying, “this is HMB!”  No this is not similar to powdered HMB.  It is very different.  Here is the brand I would get.  Keep in mind you have to buy at least 4 bottles.  Because one bottle will only last you 2 weeks and I would be on this for a minimum of 2 months.  This is why this supplement ranks #1 for my muscle building supplements.

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Optional.  If you can combine/stack Betator with Peak ATP.  They work very well together.  If you are looking to increase your strength and power or are an athlete I would consider trying this stack.  Great science behind this as well.

Use this brand.

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In conclusion, these are very weird but powerful muscle building supplements that you’ll have a very hard time finding and rarely see recommended for muscle building and fat loss, but they are very powerful, high quality, and effective to use.  They are worth a shot because for a few reasons.  One, because it is like eating vegetables.  You may not like the taste, but no matter how you look at it, it is very healthy for you.  They come from high-quality manufacturers.  Remember, I’m not going to recommend something to you that is some krap from China.  These weird muscle building supplements are very good.  3.  When you try something new, sometimes you might break through that plateau you are stuck at.