Myostatin Blocker Supplement Builds Muscle New Study Shows

A few months ago I wrote about some new break through research about a myostatin inhibitor supplement.  Now more good news and more good research.  More research proof that Myo-X and Fortetropin, a myostatin blocker, builds lean muscle mass.  In a recent study just published in the peer-reviewed Journal of the American College of Nutrition, MYOS RENS product containing fertile egg yolk powder called Fortetropin®, the Company’s proprietary myostatin blocker agent. Over a span of the 90 day double blind placebo controlled study looking at the effects of this myostatin inhibitor on skeletal muscle growth, [clickToTweet tweet=”Myostatin supplement showed significant increases in lean body muscle mass and muscle density.” quote=”Myostatin supplement showed significant increases in lean body muscle mass and muscle density.”]

Here is the study.

myostatin blocker supplement

Keep in mind that I helped develop this product.  Essentially it is fertile egg yolk processed in a very special way to maintain the follistatin content.  The follistatin is what reduces myostatin in the body.  I have personally used this supplement before and lots of it.  I believe it is more of an anti-catabolic supplement than an anabolic supplement.  Which means I think that if you are trying to lose weight you should take this.  If  you’re a women especially you should purchase this.  If you are a big coffee drinker or still continue to drink pre workout’s with caffeine BEFORE you work out.  Which is a catabolic in itself.  You should use this myostatin blocking supplement.  Keep in mind this is the ONLY legitimate myostatin inhibitor supplement in the world.  It is patented.  If you see any other companies selling a myostatin inhibitor supplement, don’t buy it, its a scam.

That being said, if you want to buy it here it is.