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My good friend and loyal customer Dr Carl Juneau is crushing it with his muscle building app called Dr. Muscle. Now he’s looking to take it to the next level. He’s raised over $30,000 for more research and development to make the app even better and I have no doubt he is going to do it. (make sure you watch the whole video)

Le’ts help out a fellow Proteinfactory.com customer because he represents guys just like me and you. Honest, truthful, realistic, and is always innovating.

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Artificial intelligence is slowly taking over. In fitness, too. For example, there’s a new app that says it can help you get in shape faster using AI.

It uses AI to create a new custom workout for you every time you train.

It’s like a personal trainer in your phone, but 10 times cheaper, always up to date, and available anytime, anywhere.

“Surprisingly accurate” -Dan Nakamura, early access customer

“I’m stronger at 58 than when I was 27!!” -Silver Dakota, early access customer

I am a physical therapist that was unfortunately injured on a roller coaster. One cervical spinal fusion later I found myself much weaker than I thought I ever would be. I am happy to say that since using this app safely, and within my tolerance level, my strength (and arms) are coming back to pre-injury levels. I am so happy with my results!” -Marie Francis,

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The AI helps you get in shape faster because it automates progressive overload, as recommended by the American College of Sports Medicine. It also automates rest-pause sets (they’re an old bodybuilding trick recently proven to give you the same results in half the workout time). If you like to dig into the science, you’ll see all sources and explanations on the page and in their explainer video.