The Top 6 Best Supplements For The Immune System.

The Coronavirus has created a big demand for anything related to protecting people from getting infected. Many people are searching for the best supplements for the immune system. My wife went to Costco today and could not buy chicken, water, toilet paper, and a bunch of other stuff. She said the store shelves were empty. In my opinion, I think stocking up like a Zombie Apocalypse is going to happen is not necessary.

However, I do believe that making sure your immune system is running on all cylinders is important. It is essential because nothing is going to stop this current virus from spreading. Unless the government issues some sort of ban on traveling, the virus will spread. The only way to avoid it is to isolate yourself. If one cannot do that, then there are things to do to boost your immune system: such as exercising and using foods and supplements. Supplement usage is my area of expertise, therefore in this article, I will list my top 10 best supplements for the immune system.


Immune Basics

First, it is essential to understand the basics of the human body’s immune system. This study proved that undernutrition, decrease immune function (innate and acquired), infection, and impaired absorption are all interrelated. Therefore it is established that good nutrition plays a vital role in a healthy immune system. In this study, vitamins and minerals proved to play a role in supporting and boosting the immune system. It was also concluded that Macronutrients do more than provide energy, and they help the immune system.  

Next, the body defends itself from pathogens like the Coronavirus using innate barriers and cells. It also uses adaptives like vaccinations. This article will address innate barriers. 

There is no point in taking immune supplements if one has a bad diet. Don’t even bother using them if one forgoes fruits, vegetables, and does not exercise.  

The Top 6 Best Supplements For The Immune System

You will see the supplements that I recommend below to help in boosting your immune system. Most of them you can buy right from and you can be using them by tomorrow or the next day.

IMPORTANT: Do not try to get an alternative to the products that I have listed below. The supplement industry is dirty. Meaning that quite often, what is on the label is not necessarily in the bottle. Most supplement companies are owned by marketing people that just want to turn over a fast buck regardelss of how they do it. I’ve been in the supplement business for 20 plus years manufacturing supplements. I know a good quality supplement, and I know a bad one. I have a keen eye for garbage, fakes, scams, and rip off products. Therefore I find the ingredient that I like; then I find out how one can buy it on the retail level. Unlike most websites that talk about the ingredients to use for a particular goal, I, instead, actually give the BRAND to buy. If not, you’ll be buying garbage from China that won’t do anything for you besides lighten your wallet.  

Note: The order of products listed below is not of importance.

#1 Wellmune

Wellmune is a brand of natural yeast beta glucan. The research behind it is pretty amazing. If one takes it they need about 500mg per day.   Check out the study below. If you want to see more studies go to their website.

One of the best studies on a supplement to help the immune system.

Here’s the product to get.

best immune supplement
One of the best supplements for the immune system

#2 Medicinal Mushrooms

Get yourself a blend of mushrooms. They are potent in boosting the immune system and have some powerful anti-cancer benefits. One must be very, very careful when purchasing mushroom supplements. Most are from China, which is super low quality. Have no fear, I found you a great brand to use.

best supplements for immune system

#3 Coated Silver

Another great product to use. Kinda expensive, but maybe one of the best to fight off pathogens.  Check out this awesome abstract.

Get it here

best supplements for the immune system

#4 Probiotics

These products improved the immune system. According to a few studies that I have found, like here. Beneficial bacteria play a key role in inhibiting pathogens in the GI Tract. With fewer beneficial bacteria, potentially pathogenic bacteria are more likely to proliferate and adhere to the gut epithelium. With more beneficial bacteria, pathogenic bacteria are LESS likely to adhere to or colonize the gut epithelium

#5 Immunoglobulins

Immunoglobulins (IGg) are protein fractions found in dairy products. Yes, whey protein powder does have them. But does it have enough? Well, maybe or maybe not. Whey protein, depending on who manufacturers it, will have different amounts. Typically a native whey protein will have about 200 to 300 ng per serving. A normal cheese whey protein will have anywhere from 10 to 200 ng. Whey manufacturers typically don’t care about the IGG levels, so they do not test. I don’t care about them either because I sell my protein powder for muscle building purposes and not immune purposes. However, drinking a native whey protein powder will give you a nice dose of IGG, which does help fight off pathogens.  

Get my native whey isolate or concentrate. 

native whey protein concentrate
5 lbs of the best native whey protein powder

#6 Epicor

Probably one of my favorites. A huge amount of very compelling clinical research. 

Many supplement companies use this ingredient, but here is the brand I recommend.

best supplements for immune system

Honorable Mention

Oatmuscle. I just finished an article about why my Oatmuscle is a great powder to use for a boost in one’s immune system. Oatmuscle contains naturally occurring beta-glucans, which help wake up the immune system. Using Oatmuscle daily is a great idea. Combine it with a native whey protein and one of the supplements above, and well, you just cannot give yourself a better chance to avoid getting sick than that.

oatmeal powder

After One Survives the Coronavirus

On a side note, if one does get the coronavirus or just the flu in general, try this product. It is called Robuvit. It has been clinically proven to help one recovery after they were infected with the flu. Not sure about the coronavirus, but it should help. Here is the study

Use this AFTER you are sick

Five Knuckle Shuffle

Additionally, if one does not feel like eating right or taking the best immune supplements that I listed here to help combat viruses’, there is always masturbation. I found this study that came to the conclusion that masturbation can benefit the immune system. So if one really wants to avoid getting infected, make sure to exercise, eat foods like blueberries, take some supplements that I listed above, and spank the monkey at least once a day.

In conclusion, avoiding coronavirus can be done if one takes certain precautions. Using supplements to boost the immune system is a good idea in the times of a pandemic.