So-called Protein Expert Gets Caught With His Pants Around His Ankles

The protein industry was rocked in recent years by the “protein spiking” scandal.  Protein spiking is when a company uses glycine, taurine, and creatine in their protein supplement to give a false reading on a lab assay for protein content.  Numerous supplement companies are involved in class action lawsuits involving protein spiking.

Companies like

  1. muscle pharm
  2. prosupps
  3. designer
  4. Giant Sports

You can view a lot of the lawsuits here and see more companies involved in protein spiking.  However this is not the only trick up these supplement companies sleeves.  Another trick that has been going on for years and years is the “protein blend” trick.  [clickToTweet tweet=”The protein blend trick is when a supplement company lists on their label a blend of different proteins. ” quote=”The protein blend trick is when a supplement company lists on their label a blend of different proteins. “]The protein blend trick is when a supplement company lists on their label a blend of different proteins.  It looks like this.

Pro JYM by Jim Stoppani EXCLUSIVELY at 2015-05-27 07-30-36

If you look, you’ll see the first ingredient here is the protein blend.  Then you see whey isolate, micellar casein, milk isolate, and egg albumen.  The problem is, you do not know EXACTLY how many grams of each this company is using.  So they could be using 99% whey isolate and dusting in the other ingredients.  Here is another common protein blend.

Cor-Performance Whey by Cellucor at - Lowest Prices on Cor-Performance Whey! 2015-05-27 07-33-09

You see how they are using both whey concentrate or whey isolate?  Again you have no idea how much of each is used. Whey concentrate costs 50% less than whey isolate…so which one you think they are using more of and dusting in the other?

I suggest NEVER buying protein blends unless they are labeled like this.

Advanced Muscle Gain - Proteinfactory 2015-05-27 07-36-16

See the arrow pointing to the proteins INSIDE the supplement facts panel?  This is how an HONEST company labels their blends.  Not hiding them and actually disclosing how much of each protein is in their powder, this is very, very hard to find in today’s protein market.  Why?  Because I believe 9 outta 10 supplement companies out their selling protein are ran by dirty rats.  You’ll have a very hard time finding protein supplement blends labeled this way.  With the proteins INSIDE the supplement facts panel. And don’t be fooled by this marketing hype either.

Jim Stoppani EXCLUSIVELY at 2015-05-27 07-51-01

Listing proteins MUST be inside the supplement facts panel, not outside.  This is against FDA regulations BTW.  I can easily call up the FDA and complain about this supplement and they can have it recalled from the store shelves and the FDA would issue Mr JYM a 483 warning letter for mis-branding a dietary supplement.  Good Luck re printing all those bags for your protein buddy.

Conclusion.  Do not be fooled into buying a whey protein blend or a basic protein blend.  They are just made to do one thing.  Make more money for the company selling it.

Here is a little info I took off that gives false information to make people think blends are good.

Whey Protein Blends at - Product List & Whey Info! 2015-05-27 07-39-21

This is complete bullshit.  There is no point in using whey concentrate & whey isolate together.  All it does is lower the quality because whey concentrate is lower in protein and amino acids.  Whey concentrate has no benefits over a whey isolate.