Supplement Tidbits: Prostate Health, Research Studies, & More

Sometimes, there is not enough information to make an entire lengthy blog post, but the information I feel is good enough to share with you and I think you’ll find it interesting.

Prostate Health

Remember, I have a knack for finding great supplements that you will never find in the mainstream retail outlets, and when I do find them I like to share them with you.  This gives you the best opportunity to use supplements that can actually WORK.

The first has to deal with supplements for prostate health.  The ingredient is called Lycored.  It is made by an Israeli company.  I like to find ingredients that have a branded name behind them and as an additional bonus is if they have a patent attached to it.


This product you cannot buy on the retail shelf.  You need to buy it from a doctor.  But if you want to up your prostate health ante’, it is a great product to use.  I found it is one of the ONLY ones to have patents and studies behind it.

Micellar Casein Protein Powder Builds Muscle Mass

Just this May, this study was published and looked at the timing of casein protein powder use and whether taking it at night or during the day makes a difference.  They found it does not.  You can take it any time you want, just make sure you are taking the TOTAL amount of protein required to gain muscle mass.  However, I still feel casein is a better protein powder to use before bedtime.  Without question, it does not cause the same insulin spike as whey protein powder.  In addition, I feel casein protein powder also has a better satiety effect.


Let’s Stop Aging and Get Rid of Some Wrinkles

This is probably one of the coolest products you’ll see.  They invented something called functional film technology that takes a product and increases the absorption by delivering it through your mouth.  The first product they did this with is resveratrol.  I believe they did this because the market for skin care products, anti-aging, and wrinkles it huuuuge!!  And people are willing to pay more money for cosmetics.  You can buy the product here.  If anyone buys it in the hopes to improve their skin let me know, I’d like to know the results.  I think this product will really show some good results.  Wouldnt it be cool if maybe they did this with amino acids, creatine, or some other muscle building product?

Free Protein Samples

If you want free protein samples click here and it will tell you how to get them.

Bradley Martyn

I interviewed Bradley MartynIf you want to read it click on the link

Being Lean & Ripped Is About Eating Healthy

You gotta remember to always try to eat your vegetables and fruits every day.  I find it is easy to eat meat…chicken, steak, fish, not a problem at all.  But when it comes to vegetables, a little more difficult.  I like to juice my vegetables.  Yea, I know it is not as good as eating them, but it is better than nothing.  Check out my typical post workout shake.  I took this picture just today on my kitchen counter.  Just look how nice and dark green that looks!!  I put in whey protein, Peptopro, and the Creapure.   I’m telling you, if you wanna look young, if you wanna look young when you get older, be healthy, and have less fat, eat your veggies, and make yourself a great post workout drink.  The vegetables I used were spinach, kale, grapes, and ginger.