27 Dirty Rotten Supplement Companies

Recently another chapter has been opened (which does not surprise me at all) in the sleaze ball supplement industry.   The supplement industry is a filthy industry, and I say this with good reason.  27 companies busted for using Methylsynephrine .You see I have seen and continue to see supplement companies operate illegally and sell illegal products without any regard for your safety.  These supplement companies do this because I would guess, they can make a high and quick profit off the illegal supplements that they sell.  For some reason or another, the “stigma” of selling “underground” or “grey” supplements appeals to people wanting to grow muscle and burn fat quickly.  And as long as there are people willing to buy them, these scumbag supplement companies and their manufacturers will continue to make them.  That being said the FDA recently sent warning letters to companies selling product with this ingredient in them.


FACT:  This ingredient is not a LEGAL dietary ingredient.  It is ILLEGAL.

Recently published testing in Drug Testing And Analysis, conducted by the likes of Harvard, tested supplements claiming to have methylsynephrine in them.  There were 27 supplement companies that in one form or another claimed to have methylsynephrine in them.  [clickToTweet tweet=”Out of the 27 that claimed to have methylsynephrine on the label, some tested did not even HAVE it detected.” quote=”Out of the 27 that claimed to have methylsynephrine on the label, some tested did not even HAVE methylsynephrine detected. Which means it was not even in the product even though the supplement company CLAIMED it was in there! “] Here is the testing.


Now here are some important things to note about the Drug Testing and Analysis piece.

Most of the supplements were inaccurately labeled!

“In the current study, only 15% of the supplements (4/27) listed a specific quantity of methylsynephrine on the label, and 75% (3/4) of these brands were inaccurately labelled.”

My conclusion is that this is because these supplement companies do ZERO testing to ensure the accuracy of their supplements.  They simply buy them from their contract packager, get them delivered to their warehouse and then sell then BEFORE they do the testing that is required by LAW.  Not good.  I recently wrote an article proving how a lot of supplement companies do not think they need to do testing because their contract packager does it.  This is very inaccurate.

Most of these supplements we’re STACKED with other ingredients

You see supplement companies think they are expert formulators.  They think they are experts in putting together supplements to make them “work better.”  You might have heard me say this before…the old kitchen sink formula.  But the truth of the matter is that most supplement company owners, are nothing more than uneducated, self-created supplement experts that try to fool you into thinking they are experts.  The truth of the matter is they are not.  They supplement company owners formulate supplements out of their ass, without having any clue what they are doing.  This leads to some scary stuff, especially when it comes to using illegal ingredients like methylsynephrine.  And this is what worries me a lot about these supplements that combine other ingredients WITH methylsynephrine.  These supplement companies have no idea of the dangers this could be creating.  Look at what Drug Testing & Analysis said below…..

“The potential adverse health effects of inadvertently consuming up to 250 mg of oxilofrine per day, as would be possible with supplements in our study, are entirely unknown. Human studies using lower dosages suggest that the increased demand on the heart muscles might lead to palpitations, arrhythmias, increased blood pressure, or other adverse effects.[50, 54] In the investigation into adverse events from supplements in the Netherlands, oxilofrine was found at doses of 1 to 5 mg in combination with several other stimulants.[14] It is not known which stimulant, or combination of stimulants, might have been responsible for the reported adverse events including tachycardia, chest pain, and cardiac arrest. In the USA, concern has been raised about the safety of weight loss and sports supplements.[60, 61] Of particular concern to the safety of oxilofrine in sports supplements is that more than one million youth athletes in the USA use sports supplements.[62, 63] Their relatively small developing bodies might be particularly vulnerable to adult dosages of oxilofrine. Usual oxilofrine doses for children and adolescents range from 8 to 24 mg;[17] therefore, adolescents using supplements analyzed in our study might consume more than 3 times the highest pediatric dose of oxilofrine. The health effects of sports supplements containing oxilofrine have never been studied in children or adolescents, so the health risks when consumed alone, or when combined with exercise, are entirely unknown.”

Most of these supplements are recommended by the companies that make them and idiots like these two below.

Here are two clowns supposedly doing a wanna be supplement review.  In this video, the person on the right clearly says this product is SAFE, not only is it safe, but it is, and I quote, “VERY SAFE.”  *(at around 3: 20 minutes) Now this pisses me off A LOT.  In addition he says how tested it is, NSF safe, etc.  These two are trying to drive home the fact that this product is so darn safe and legal any athlete can use it.  Holy Cow!  What a bunch of morons!  This epitomizes what the sports nutrition supplement industry is all about.  Clueless people like these two.  Pushing this product like two drug dealers.   I love the part when they say how tested it is over and over again.  Yea really?  Let me see ONE 3rd party lab test, please!!  The fact of the matter is these two guys from have no idea what they are talking about.  Maybe they actually do think that this product is great.  Maybe they had no freakin clue that it contained methylsynephrine.  If I were a betting man I would say they have no clue if this product was tested, nor did they know it contained methylsynephrine.  However, the problem I have with this is that they recommend it without doing any actual LAB TESTING.  The part where he analyzes the pill by looking at it is laughable.  Look I have nothing against these two guys, they probably have the right motives; it’s just that they are very, very, ignorant and come off to the novice as being authority in the supplement niche’ when clearly they are no better than my 10-year-old daughter.

You see most people, have no idea about supplements, and they watch video’s from these two fake supplement experts and believe them!  That is the problem.  You have an illegal ingredient in the product, which is methylsynephrine, and these two nimrods are calling it safe.  In my opinion, this methylsynephrine is not safe.  I would never, ever recommend someone to use this product or ANY product containing this ingredient.  I make this decision based on the simply question I ask myself, “Would I recommend this product or let my 17-year-old son use this?”  ABSOLUTELY NO!  I would tell him to eat better or workout harder, not rely on this freakin bullshit that some asshole wanna-be supplement company created that the FDA deemed it illegal.

In conclusion, the supplement industry is LOADED with, in my opinion, bad guys.  They are money driven and will sell you anything to make a buck without regard to your health or the potential dangers a supplement could cause you.  They sell illegal supplements, operating illegally, and selling illegally.  These 27 supplement companies are dirty rotten crooks in my opinion.  Look, maybe 999 out of 1000 people might be able to take these supplements without a problem.  Maybe some people might even like them a lot.  However, do you want to be that 1 person who needs a heart transplant caused you took a lousy $49.99 supplement?  Do you want your mom, wife, sister, or best friend DEAD or with serious medical conditions over a stupid supplement that most likely won’t even help you lose a measly 5lbs of fat that YOU recommended they take because you watched a Youtube video of some wanna be expert who called it VERY SAFE and you believed him?

The answer is of course not.  So just know that the supplement industry is a cesspool and supplement companies disguise themselves as experts when all along they are nothing but scam artists.  They should be ashamed of themselves.