Anabolic Supplement Stacking: The Art of Combining Supplements and Protein Powders for Maximum Results

I’ve been selling supplements and protein powders now for 25 years. I have seen my fair share of anabolic supplement stacks and protein stacks that customers have put together. I will give you some of the most popular and some of the most effective stacks that I have seen over the course of over two decades.

You stack supplements, because, let’s say, for example, you start pumping iron and you buy some whey protein powder, you start consuming it, and you start seeing results. You see results for about a year, maybe two, and then the results will stop. ~One thing that I think people need to understand, especially beginners, is that the gains will stop. You just don’t continually grow muscle mass, and that’s what nobody really talks about. You see these influencers on TikTok and Instagram and all, “Do this and do that, lift this weight, take this supplement, and you’re going to look like me.” That’s all fine and dandy, but nine out of ten times, these guys are taking steroids or SARMs. I negate anybody who takes SARMs and steroids, gives advice, and then doesn’t divulge that advice at the very start. ~For example, say I was taking steroids myself, and instead of my 185 weight right now, I’m 205, and I say, “Okay, guys, take these supplements,” but I don’t divulge the fact that I’m taking steroids. That, to me, is deceptive. That, to me is deceptive advertising. That’s why I’ve never done it. If I ever decide to do steroids, which probably won’t be until my eighties … when I’m like 82, I might do some steroids and growth hormone … I will tell people that. Even these anti-aging guys that are 60 years old, you can clearly tell they’re taking something, and they don’t say it. To me, that’s deceptive advertising. ~

My whole point of supplement stacking is that supplements are weak in general. They don’t work like steroids, so you want to maximize the effectiveness of the products, and by stacking them, yes, they’re more effective. For example, stacking protein with carbs. It’s a fact that the body will take amino acids from proteins, whether you eat them or drink them, and use them for energy. That’s what you don’t want, because why spend the money on protein? Spend the money on carbs. ~It’s a money thing even, right? Combine carbs, a cheaper food source, with protein in hopes that the body will take that protein, use it for your muscles, and take the carbs and use it for energy, because it prefers carbs for energy. That’s the body’s preferred choice, is the carbs. That’s why want to stack protein with those carbs.

anabolic supplement stack
I actually painted this using oil paint!

Popular Anabolic Supplement Stack

Carb powder with Protein Powder

Why It Matters

Because consuming protein only, the body will possibly just take the amino acids and use them for energy. Remember, the body does not care about muscle mass. It cares about survival. The more muscle you have on your frame, the more energy it takes for you to live.  

Combining carbs with protein will solve this problem. That is why this stack is so popular with my customers.  

The basic anabolic supplement stack is protein and carbs. Whether you take my approach most of the time, my favorite is raw honey. To this day, I’m pounding the desk on raw honey. Raw honey, please start using raw honey. I’m telling you, you’re health will improve if you consume raw honey with protein powder. I shit you not. After that, things like blueberries, and bananas, are just common knowledge shit, it’s not rocket science. There are no secret fruits or formulas. It’s just that, combine that protein with organic fruit and you’ll be all set.

One of the most popular stacks that people order is protein/carb stacks.

Oatmuscle is the most popular, followed by Mod6, and then Rilose. Typically, customers will combine Oatmuscle with whey protein isolate, casein, or Muscle Shake.  

Rilose, most of the time, I will see being ordered with one of my hydrolyzed protein powders.  

Typically dosages would look like this:

1/4 cup of Oatmuscle

1/3 cup of Wisconsin Whey Isolate

Hydro Creatine Stack (Probably the Most Anabolic Supplement Stack One Can Use)

Probably my second most popular stack is when my customers combine one of my hydrolyzed proteins with carbs, AND creatine.  

Start adding in your hydrolyzed proteins. I carry the best hydrolyzed proteins in the world, and if you want to try to find better hydrolyzed proteins in the world, go ahead, you’ll never do it because I have the best, starting with Total Frag, Hydro 520, Somanabolic. PeptoPro.

Just start adding those, replacing some of your whole food proteins with hydrolyzed proteins, with the carbs, and that will produce some better results for you. Then after that, add your creatine. Add that creatine monohydrate to the hydrolyzed proteins and yeah, that’ll just make for more of an effective protein powder supplement.

Why It Matters

Plain and simple because it works. It is a proven FACT that creatine works better when combined with carbs. Personally, I don’t think I ever consumed creatine by itself. I always combine it with something like a banana, hydrolyzed protein, or raw honey. (probably my favorite is raw honey)

Hydrolyzed protein powder has also been proven to make creatine work better, but not only that but it is a double edge sword because you are getting the peptides from the protein!

A stack would look like this. 

3 tbs of hydrolyzed protein (Peptopro, 520, Salmbolic, Total Frag)

1/4 cup of Rilose

1 tsp of Creatine

Fat Loss Stacks

So here’s the thing with fat loss supplements in general, and keep in mind, I’ve been selling supplements for 25 years. Fat loss supplements are by far the weakest of the supplement categories because they just really don’t help. You just can’t take a pill and you start melting the fat away, the fat loss pills don’t work like that. They have to be used in conjunction with a good diet and exercise.

So with that being said, that alone is difficult. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with using fat loss supplements, and I sell it both. And the most popular combination is Capsimax with green tea right now. That’s the most popular one. Capsimax is proven to work, green tea is proven to work. So combining these two is by far my most popular stack and my most effective stack.

However, what I don’t see being ordered a lot is Yohimbe. Yohimbe would be a great product to stack with Capsimax and green tea. So, if you want something probably the most effective, that would be it. And as far as other supplements out there that sell fat loss supplements, like CLA and a bunch of other ones. They’re just garbage, they don’t work. There’s nothing better than Capsimax. If there is, show it to me. Natural by the way. And if there’s something better than stacking it with green tea and Yohimbe, show it to me, but there just isn’t.

Secret Supplement Stack

Okay, so here’s a little secret anabolic supplement stack that I don’t see anybody using, but I’m going to give you the idea right now. And the stack is this: it’s muscle shake, leucine peptides, depo nitrilase 250. And what I like about this stack one, is the muscle shake right now is the highest quality intact protein, okay? Better than whey. Then we’re stacking that with leucine peptides. So you’re getting more leucine when leucine is the major player in protein synthesis. And then we’re adding depo to that, okay? Depo will help digest that muscle shake with those intact proteins, turn them into peptides, and help you absorb them better. So that’s a great stack to use.