Who Is Body Builder Christian Guzman?

Early Life of Christian Guzman

In the heart of Texas, Christian Guzman was born on 20th of February 1993. Christian Guzman grew up a pretty normal life and in middle school and high school, he didn’t play any sports.

However, while he was in high school, he met a group of friends who would join together every week and train in a strength and conditioning camp. It was at this point that Christian fell in love with fitness, more specifically, weight lifting.

Always being known as the “skinny kid who played guitar,” Christian soon changed from strength training to muscle building. Each day after high school, he set about creating the best physique possible.

christian guzman


While he was working out and going to the gym, Christian Guzman looked for inspiration for his workouts and other ways to obtain the “god-like” figure that he wanted so badly to have.

After finding popular fitness models such as Matt Ogus, and Scott Herman, he learned from their tips and tricks and took his progress step-by-step.

In only a short space of time, Christian’s body started to change. He then ordered himself a video camera, with plans to document his journey.

Internet Life of Christian Guzman

When he became more confident, and happy with his physique, Christian started posting videos online on his own training and nutrition tips. He soon picked up a lot of attention for his “real-life”  fitness videos and fitness related tips. The number of followers continued to grow, as did his expertise in the gym.

After becoming one of the most popular models of inspiration online, he set his sight further, in the hope to help other people improve their physiques.

Christian said; “I wanted to hold weekly training classes to train younger kids—middle schoolers, high schoolers, whoever, — and pretty much take them through workouts. My goal was to open up a small facility and have my own space, but things just sort of got amplified.”


Since the beginning of Christian’s journey, he’s built a highly successful personal training business, created a clothing line, and become an internet star.

Christian shows no signs of slowing down. His clients, and fans, all look to him for inspiration. Not only to create an awesome physique but also to chase their own dreams of becoming successful in life, just like Christian.

Questions and Answers from Christian Guzman

Do you think that a 14-year-old should start bulking or cutting and work out at a gym?

After 14 unless you’re like you know overweight. Definitely, bulk rally and take that 14 to 18 19 20 even to the young 20s in bulk as much as possible.

I should really be in a surplus for as long as possible. That’s when your body is just craving foods you can build muscle and grow so don’t deprive yourself of growth time.

Why did Christian Guzman choose the fitness industry to have a career

Christian always had a passion for fitness and working out since he was 14 years old he started to like this camp and absolutely fell in love with it. He stayed there for about four years and it was the best part of his day he couldn’t wait to go and do the classes and workouts and stuff and just even though you know it’s so painful at times it is so much like agility work and power conditioning kind of stuff. He just absolutely loved it.

Mr. Olympian

Who does Christian think gonna win the Mr. Olympia physique. There’s this guy named Siddique who is shredded He looks like he got to be a bodybuilder, his conditioning is like the best I’ve seen. Steve Cook is obviously like you know big crowd favorite but it’s just amazing place like eighth last year. I think Jeff Seid placed ninth last year so it’s very. I guess Mark Anthony who actually won last year’s competing interest very hit or miss with Zeke which is partially the reason why Christian doesn’t see himself competing in anymore. There are no set guidelines so you know you could assume and have your money on someone guaranteed first place and they come in 10th. You know what I mean and I don’t think it should be like that. I think bodybuilding is a lot more. It’s a lot less subjective meaning. You know it’s obviously subjective but you know whoever has at least nowadays whoever has the most size most conditioned best stage presence is usually going to win and that’s a little bit more universal in the men’s physique category.

Do you need to be ripped to start a fitness channel?

Having a physique definitely kind of draws attention to yourself. So I would say not necessarily but in my opinion that can draw attention. Or at least you may not be Richter but it has something unique about yourself. Be really strong or be entertaining be funny be very smart be very knowledgeable you know something unique about yourself.

What is Christians Favorite Hobby?

He loves guitar actually teaches guitar back in his home. He is a guitar instructor. I was voted the best artist in my high school so I was in all the AP advanced placement like 3D art drawing 3-D Drawing studio. All that stuff I competed in a couple of like art shows strong shows. And yeah I want a couple hundred called rodeo. I used to draw. We would you know from Houston we’d have the Houston rodeo art show so we would draw horses or whatever cattle and enter that. So a lot of time was an art guy I would spend like easily ten-twelve hours a week on my project we had a project every single week those do so art guitar like cars. cannot really afford the upgrades anything but I really like cars and so that is that

Overall Christian is a bodybuilder with great heart and a lot of potential to go along with him.