Another Reason Why Caffeine Sucks!

Caffeine is the most widely used product in preworkout powders and fat burners.  Why?  Because you can feel it.  And the scum bag sports nutrition companies that use it know that if someone can “feel” a product they think its working.  Strange but true.  Unfortunately if you are interested in building muscle and decreasing bodyfat caffeine is one of the WORST things you can consume.  Why?  Because it increases cortisol production in the body thus increasing catabolism (muscle wasting) and increases fat retention.

Here’s an example of a study

Taking pre workout drinks with caffeine is NOT a bodybuilding product and you’r e not a smart person if you consume these products.  .  Well the other day, some smart person emailed an article in a magazine to me and told me that they are gulping down coffee now because the author of this article said caffeine increase testosterone.  I shrugged my shoulders and said O.K. let me see this study.  Because remember that the sports nutrition industry is filled with liars, cheats, and people that like to stretch the truth in their favor.  And that is exactly what this author of this article did.   Here is the study the author was talking about.


Here is the important part of the study:

Our data does not indicate a consistent effect of caffeinated coffee consumption on SHBG in men or women, however results should be interpreted with caution given the small sample size.

It doesnt get any clearer than this in that the researchers in this study conclude that caffeinated coffee does NOT increase testosterone!!

Next they also said this:

The ratio of testosterone to estradiol, a potential marker for aromatase activity, was significantly increased in men in the caffeinated coffee group at week 4

If you do not know what aromatase activity is it is the potential for testosterone to convert to estrogen.  And now we know that caffeine does that.  Yeah STARBUCKS for the wussification of American men.

However the authors also state that this might not even be true because the samples were so small.

Bottom line.

1)  CAFFEINE should not be used by anyone that wants to increase muscle mass.

2) Caffeine releases cortisol

3) Dont trust anything you read in the muscle magazines

4) Caffeine does not increase testosterone

5) Avoid caffeine preworkout