Best Ab Workout For Lower Abs

Lower Abs: Difficult But Can Be Done

If you struggle with toning your lower abdominal muscles, you came to the right place! I’ve got the best ab workout for lower abs. My name is Jordyn Trenholm and I am here today to put you through some of my favorite and most effective lower based ab workouts.

best ab workout for lower abs

Let me start off by saying that lower abs are definitely the most difficult to single handedly target, however, it is not impossible. People need to realize that everyone has abs, but not everyone’s are visible. This is where a healthy and nutritious diet comes in. By eating healthy and utilizing an array of different exercises, you will be seeing your abs in no time!

Your Diet For Lower Ab Development

Lets discuss your diet first before you jump into the workout. To rid belly fat, you need to cut the amount of carbs you are taking in by half. The best time to eat carbs would be in the morning, or right before your workout. This is because throughout your day, you will be burning those carbs, while also getting the nutritional value from them. You also need protein in your diet and a lot of it. This is because protein builds muscle. As I stated earlier, everyone has abdominal muscles, with the right diet, protein for example, you will be growing your abdominals more and giving them that visible look. When losing belly fat, your calorie intake will have to be affected as well. Another good source of food to rid that stubborn belly fat is vegetables. Vegetables are not just a super food providing potassium, Vitamin A, and vitamin C, but they are low in calories and are also filling. By eating these three sources of food, you will be burning belly fat in no time exposing your abdominal muscles!

Best Ab Workout For Lower Abs

Now for the workout. I have composed five different belly burning ab exercises that will leave your abs on fire by the time you are done. Below is the workout explained step by step so you know that you are doing the workout exactly how you should be to get the full effect.

  1. Leg Lifts- 4 sets of 10. Lay on your back with your hands either above your head, or underneath your lower back. Keep your legs straight out and lift up with your core. Lift to a 90 degree again and then slowly ease your legs downward. When doing laying leg lifts, on the floor or bench, you want to make sure that you are focusing on squeezing your core when you lift and also come down from the leg lift. By utilizing your legs in this workout, you are not just working your upper abs, but also your lower ones which is the goal.
  2. Knee Ups- 4 sets of 10. For this exercise put your hands behind you too keep balance. Bring your knees up to your chest and back down again. Do the set of 10 repetitively almost like a motion. By doing this, you are also utilizing your lower body, thus targeting your lower abs.
  3. Ab Circles- 4 sets of 10. start by laying on your back with your knees bent. With or without a weight, bring your knees to chest while circling your arms above your head. When doing these you should be going in a circle like motion.
  4. Full Body Crunch- 4 sets of 10. Start by laying on your back. Put your arms crossed over your chest with your knees bent. Crunch upward with both your core and your legs. Your body should be crunching at the same time as your knees are coming up to your chest.
  5. Mountain Climbers- 30 seconds 4 times. Start in a pushup position, and bring one knee to your chest and back out again. Repeat this with your opposite leg. You should be going quite quickly during this workout to get the full effect. When bringing your knees to your chest, you should be squeezing your core to target your abs.

I hope you enjoyed our the best ab workout for lower abs.

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best ab workout for lower abs
Lower Abs are possible with hard work and determination