Bio Serum 1 Coming Back & More…

Bio Serum 1 Returning?

Back in 1998, I introduced to the world the first blood protein powder called Super Plasma Protein. I later changed the name to Bio Serum 1. It was about 90% protein and contained a whopping 20% immunoglobulin G (IgG). Compared to whey protein which is about 1% IgG, but typically lower. Bio Serum 1 quickly became one of my best selling protein powders. Users of Bio Serum 1 typically experience weight gain and improved immune systems because of the high IgG content, high protein content, high bioavailability, complete amino acid profile, and easy digestion and absorption. The subfraction content is also very high. I would compare the quality Bio Serum 1, as the same as other top-level protein powders. But for some people, it may work better than dairy proteins like whey and casein. The only drawback to Bio Serum 1 is the taste. It is not good tasting protein powder. Kinda tastes like you’re drinking a hotdog. But one can easily mask the flavor with fruits and veggies. And plenty of people have used the powder previously.

Fast forward 20 years later and Bio Serum 1 is not available. It was discontinued by the manufacturer. Of course, this leads to many disappointed users, but there was simply no way to obtain the powder. However, I was determined to bring the product back in stock. For the past year or so I have been trying to source this product from another country. I am pleased to tell my loyal customers that Bio Serum 1 MAY be arriving soon. Bio Serum 1 now lies in the hands of the bureaucrats. In order to import blood protein powders, I need permission from Uncle Sam. But if it makes it past them the product will be available for purchase. Not only that but it’s sister product, bovine hemoglobulin protein powder will be available as well. Both of these powders are great for increasing muscle mass, weight gain, and recovery.

These products are normally used in the animal industry to help pigs and cows gain weight quickly as well and helping their immune system. But the quality grade is not for human consumption. That lead me to source a company that would supply me with a human grade blood product. I was successful at finding one and assisted them with exportation. Now the red tape is the next hurdle. As of right now, I do not have a date when this red tape will be cut. But once I have a firm date I will make the announcement. Predicting what the government will do is like trying to predict the weather two months from now. So my guess is as good as yours.

Local Raw Honey

I will be selling local raw honey very soon. I am convinced that this product is a phenomenal superfood that is perfect for bodybuilders and athletes. But one thing must be CLEAR.


If it is not raw honey, then it is pretty much worthless. Raw honey is honey right from the bee nest. No pasteurization occurs, thus it is loaded with nutrients. Raw honey reminds me of whole eggs. Both are jam-packed with nutrients. No need to take multi-vitamins when you consume either of these two products.

Honey is a big business, which means like the supplement industry, the scammers are plenty. Raw honey is not easy to get and bees are dying off which raises the prices. What scammers are doing is adding corn syrup to the honey to dilute it. To make matters worse, the Chinese are pumping their bullshit honey into the United States by the truckload.

Check out this documentary on the honey business. Quite alarming.

The Solution To Obtain Raw Honey

After watching the Netflix documentary on all the scammers in the honey business, I knew I could not trust any single company. Therefore I literally drove to a local honey farm about 30 minutes from my house. I met the owner and she showed me her small operation. I thought to myself, “this is perfect”! A truly local raw honey operation 30 minutes from my house. I should have for sale in about 1 week.

Here are the benefits of raw honey.

  1. Muscle and Bone Growth
  2. Anti-Cancer
  3. Loaded with vitamins and minerals
  4. Contains anti-oxidants
  5. Great for post-workout
  6. Contains enzymes for digestion and absorption
  7. Immunity
  8. Oral health
  9. Antimicrobial and viral

So I asked myself how can I NOT carry this product. I’ve been using it in my post-workout protein shakes, at about 2 tbs.

Check out this formula

1/3 cup of Muscle Shake

2 tbs of Hydrolyzed 520

1/4 cup of Oatmuscle

2 tbs of raw honey

Fruit and veggies of choice