Bio-Serum 1 & Bio-Serum Black Released!!!

After almost three years of research and development, Bio-Serum 1 and Bio-Serum Black have been released. Bio-Serum 1 is 100% Bio-Serum chocolate flavor, and Bio-Serum Black is Bio-Serum and whey isolate. Bio-Serum Black is formulated for people that want something that tastes good. Therefore we combined Bio-Serum 1 with a whey isolate, a delicious oreo cocoa flavor, plus stevia.

What is Bio-Serum 1?

Bio-Serum 1 is a bovine blood plasma protein powder. It contains all the amino acids to make up a complete protein, plus BCAA’s, and an enormous growth factors. (All naturally occurring)

What makes Bio-Serum so effective for muscle support?

Bio-Serum is a super high-quality protein that the body loves. There is a direct correlation between the quality of protein one consumes and the quality of muscle that one builds. Bio-Serum is an ultra-high-quality protein that is what I like to call a direct animal protein source.

Currently, the best quality protein for bodybuilders is whey protein. However, this is a product that the animal creates. Bio-Serum 1 is part of the animal. This, in my opinion, makes Bio-Serum 1, better at creating an anabolic state in the human body when consumed over whey protein.


Bio Serum Black