More Evidence To Use Hydrolyzed Protein Powders

The case has been made that hydrolyzed protein powders are higher quality than non-hydrolyzed proteins.  For the last decade, I have been advising and marketing to my customers to use hydrolyzed protein powders to see better muscle growth results.   I have written a bunch of articles as well about using hydrolyzed protein powder.

Incredible Hydrolyzed Proteins For Muscle Growth

However, over the last decade and up until now, hydrolyzed protein powders have struggled to make it into the mainstream market.  The reason they have struggled is because the supplement industry has a “hate” for hydrolyzed protein powders.  Remember, 97% of supplement companies are nothing but scam artists, looking to make products as cheap as they can, and market them as the highest quality they can.  This means that you are spoon fed mis information about supplements and mis-lead to buying supplements that are low quality, not the best, and touting as being cutting edge.

The main problem with hydrolyzed protein powders is that they taste bad.  Hydrolyzed proteins, even the low-quality ones, have a very bitter taste.  If you have ever tried my Peptopro or Hydrolyzed whey protein 520, you’ll know exactly what I am talking about.  Therefore because of this taste factor the supplement companies, know that it will not appeal to the mass market.  Over the past 20 years that I have been selling supplements, most people, especially women, want their protein powders to taste good.  It is IMPOSSIBLE to make a high quality hydrolyzed protein taste good.  In the past, I have tried to sell Peptopro with grape and pink lemonade flavor.  The taste was OK, much better than plain of course.  However, the one thing I did not like about this flavored Peptopro was the fact that is contained artificial sweeteners.  I do not recommend artificial sweeteners. I feel the negative impact it may have on your overall health is not worth it.

The second problem with hydrolyzed proteins, PROFIT.  Hydrolyzed protein powders are more expensive than regular protein powders.  Why should a protein supplement company spend the extra money on a hydrolyzed protein powder when they can simply lie to consumers?   The lie by telling them and advertising to them that they are using the highest quality whey protein on the market, when meanwhile, they are just using a whey protein concentrate, dusted with some hydrolyzed whey protein which is really insignificant.

The third problem with hydrolyzed protein powders being marketed today is the bullshit marketing that companies use to sell their protein powders.  For example this one.  I went over to and searched hydrolyzed protein powder.  The first result is this so-called hydrolyzed whey protein.

hydrolyzed whey protein powder

As you can see this supplement company claims to use hydrolyzed whey protein powder in this protein powder and it is the first ingredient.  However they make no mention of the molecular weight average of this hydrolyzed whey protein in here.  Which is THE most important factor when buying a hydrolyzed whey protein powder.  YOU MUST know the molecular weight.  It would be like buying a diamond and not knowing the carat of it.  Or buying gasoline and not knowing the octane level.

For these two reasons above, hydrolyzed protein powders are grossly under-consumed.  Most muscle seekers simply use whey protein isolate and whey protein concentrate, which is not the “BEST” for muscle growth and recovery.  And the sad thing is, that the supplement companies that do not sell hydrolyzed proteins have no problem marketing their protein powders that are inferior to hydrolyzed proteins powders.

Do not be fooled by supplement companies claiming to sell the highest quality protein powders, when meanwhile, they are just selling medicore protein powders made to taste like a milk shake.  Instead, be smart.   When buying protein powders you should always try to incorporate hydrolyzed proteins.  My company sells a bunch of them located in the hydrolyzed protein section.

Right now I have 7 different kinds.

In addition, some great new articles have come out about hydrolyzed protein powders that I would like to share with you.  If I do not share them with you chances are you will never see them.  High traffic websites like,,, NEVER talk about hydrolyzed protein powders being better than regular whey protein.  If they did they would alienate most of the companies selling garbage whey protein powder on their websites.

The first article is on Natural Product Insider.

Hooray for hydrolysates! Consumers rate protein type an upgrade over normal whey

This is a great article that talks about how people perceive hydrolyzed whey protein and if they use it or not.  Seems that people that train hard and take their exercise pretty seriously, know about hydrolyzed whey protein.  It would be interesting to know exactly how much they knew about hydrolyzed whey protein.  For example, do they know about molecular weight average?  Do they know about what that number means?  Needless to say it would be interesting to find out.

Next is a PDF download on Hydrolyzed Whey Protein Powder.  You can download by clicking on link below.

More Than Muscle Exploring the Additional Benefits of Hydrolyzed Whey Protein By Carbery

If you are interested in building muscle I would suggest using hydrolyzed protein powders.

Here are some ideas.

Start slowly.

Buy some Peptopro. It is by far our most popular hydrolyzed whey protein.  I was the first company to start selling it way back when.  Then of course other companies copied me and started selling it as well.  Do not treat Peptopro like a normal whey protein powder.  It is not.  I suggest mixing it with a normal whey protein powder.  You can try 1 tbs with 1/4 cup of regular protein powder.

If you want to use 100% I would try to mix it up with a fruit and veggie shake.  First I would blend up all my veggies, like beets, kale, spinach etc, and then spoon stir in the Peptopro.  You do NOT want to blend up Peptopro, because it will foam up dramactically.

If you want to try the world’s lowest molecular weight whey protein, then buy our hydrolyzed whey protein 520.  I must warn you.  It is very , very bitter.  You can use this though the same way as the Peptopro, gradually work yourself up to higher doses.

If you have any questions about the use of hydrolyzed proteins you can text me at 732-901-9600