Women’s Weight Loss & IIFYM

Society wants the perfect person, and we all try to be it. The fact is all women want to lose weight. We are never happy with ourselves. The sad part is I see the same people every day upset with the fact that they “diet” and get down a few pounds and then right back to where they started after a weekend. Society wants the perfect person, and we all try to be it.

The facts is diets are unrealistic for long-term weight loss. They are temporary and not a lifestyle, and as soon as you stop eating your “salad” and go back to normal food, your body stores it because you just starved yourself. Results take time. It takes more than a week to see results, and you can’t starve yourself into weight loss. It is always better eating more and hitting the gym then not eating and not lifting! Results take time. Being consistent!

You have to learn to change your life style and accept that you have been doing something wrong if you keep failing.

I am going to cover a way you can still eat real food, not just salads, chicken, ric,e and broccoli and still lose weight.

Some background on myself. I am a 30-year-old, bikini competitor who has two children. I have always been “active”, a runner at heart and cheerleader.

IIFYM before and after

I started working out and going to the gym two years ago. One day, at the gym, I meant a competitor who asked what I had for goals. I had seen these beautiful women with nicely shaped muscles but never thought I could be one. Until I heard about something called IIFYM.

What’s IIFYM? Well simple stand for IF IT FITS YOUR MACROS

What’s macros you ask? Well it’s a breakdown of the following:

This is the key to losing weight, eat food you love, and make it a lifestyle.

Here is what you do

Step one.
Take your phone download Myfitnesspal.  Click this link to get it





Step two.
Calculate you macros

Step three.
Start adjusting your food to fit your giving macros

Step four

Join the gym lift weights and drink a ton of water

So it’s simple. I do have some extra tips to making this foolproof.

1. Drinks count . Look at a soda and its carbs. Everything you put into your mouth counts

2. Water is your best friend if you don’t like water add a sweetener

3. It’s hard at first, but once you get a data base started, it becomes so simple. Every night before bed plans your food on your phone. You know that time your laying there playing on Instagram

4. Prep meals the night before or morning of.

5. Reading labels becomes easier look for the three things p,f,c do they fit.

6. Your numbers should change over time. Read your body did you lose enough and want to hold where you are just ask us we can help you with numbers.

7. You should weight yourself every Sunday morning after you use the restroom before you eat that is your true weight!

I am going to suggest it’s hard to keep protein high! Carbs are easy to come by. So I’m going to hit you with an example!

I weight 110
I should be eating
C- 125
F- 45

This is my off season diet of course to build muscle!
Protein shakes are a life saver here’s some of ours on fitness pal. Blending these with peanut butter or a banana!

On our Pinterest you can also find a iifym meal ideas !

Keep on eye out for my next artical I will be going over routines for the gym and showing you why cardio is not as good as lifting weights ????