Collagen Peptides Still Suck For Muscle Recovery

Unlike 99 percent of the supplement websites that praise everything single supplement out there and don’t have one bad word to say about ANY of them, you will not find that hocus pocus type stuff here. I’ll tell you when I think something sucks, regardless of the “negativity” I will get in return from it.

It’s my opinion, and we have something called the 1st amendment in this country. Therefore I will exercise my freedoms when it comes to my opinion on supplements.

That being said.

Collagen Peptides suck!

The bottom line is it’s an incomplete protein, and there is absolutely no reason to use it over all the other protein powders out there.

The only reason companies are selling it now is because it is what I like to call a resurrected supplement. Meaning it was previously sold in the past and died, and then some supplement companies decided to bring it back in hopes to sucker people into buying it again, and low and behold, it worked. But the main reason is collagen is cheap and the supplement companies can make a killer profit off of it. Hence, let’s make outrageous claims about this worthless protein powder.

Supplement buyers are actually made to believe that collagen is a protein powder.


This stuff is as much of a protein powder as I am much of a professional hockey player. Neither can be further from the truth.

Collagen peptides are not protein powders like whey or egg. Not even close.

FACTUALLY it is is an incomplete protein.

I have been calling collagen garbage ever since it was resurrected. And recently, a study comparing whey protein to collagen peptides was published backing me up. And here is the best part. The researchers tried to give collagen a so-called “advantage” over whey protein by adding 3 grams of leucine to it AND 2 grams of essential amino acids.

collagen peptides vs whey protein

Meaning it was straight up whey protein isolate vs. hydrolyzed collagen peptides containing 3 grams of leucine and 2 grams of essential amino acids.

What were the results?

Whey protein isolate won! Even with the cheating by adding the extra amino acids to collagen. Imagine how much whey protein isolate would have kicked collagen’s ass if the researchers did not add the leucine and the other amino acids to it????

Therefore, don’t use collagen for sports nutrition. I only recommend collage if you are over 40 and want to improve your skin. And if that is your reason, only use Marine collagen peptides for at least 90 days.

smacked slap gif GIF
Whey protein slapping collagen.